On-Demand Business Information Systems – Attivio

Sid Probstein the Chief Technology Officer at Attivio joins me to discuss On Demand Business Information Systems.

Listen Here.

On-demand insight is critical to the success of any business, but the information that decisions and processes depend on is created and stored in many formats – databases, spreadsheets, documents, emails, blogs and more.

According to this just released report from Forrester, mainstream relational databases, originally designed for transaction processing and not analysis, are an awkward fit for BI. They require lots of tuning and customization and constant optimization – which is difficult, time-consuming, and costly. The study goes on to recommend using an inverted index for complex data structures and unstructured content, stating the inverted index BI DBMS approach questions the assumption that you must start with a database and then worry about tuning it by building indexes on top of it.  Download Now.