Snapchat With Bernie, Hillary and Jeb – Netflix and Google Beat the Street

The Snapchat Elections Begin With Bernie, Hillary and Jeb

In 2008, it was the Google election. 2012 was Twitter’s turn as the campaign centerpiece. Facebook populism rang in the ’14 midterms.

And now, as 2016 approaches, prepare for the presidential politics of Snapchat.

Enter Bernie Sanders, the lefty, 73-year-old Democratic contender chasing Hillary Clinton in the polls. On Friday, the honorable Independent senator from Vermont made his debut on the mobile app (though judging from his expression, he doesn’t look entirely comfortable with the medium yet).

Netflix Beats Its Own Numbers, Adds 3.3 Million Subscribers, and Wall Street Cheers

It added another 3.3 million subscribers — well above the 2.5 million it had projected last quarter. Netflix now has 63 million paid subscribers worldwide, and Wall Street is happy: Shares are up
10 percent in after-hours trading.

Netflix’s subscriber wins came both in the U.S. and in the rest of the world, where the company is really banking on new growth. It added 900,000 subscribers in the U.S. (it had projected 600,000) and 2.37 million internationally (it had projected 1.9 million).

Fun nugget: Netflix says that three days after the new season of “Orange Is the New Black” debuted, the company streamed a record number of hours of video worldwide, even though it was competing with the season finale of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and the NBA finals.

Google’s New CFO Delivers the Goods, Beats Analyst Expectations

Google shares surged at the opening of Friday trading a day after the company reported earnings, adding a total of $52 billion in market capitalization in the largest single-day gain ever, according to S&P Dow Jones Indices.

Stop Everything: You Might Actually Want a New iPod Touch

It’s basically an iPhone 6 in a small case, and lower price.

Apple Continues Hiring Automotive Experts, Possibly for Rumored ‘Titan’ Car Project

Apple recently made a major automotive hire that hints at the company’s continued work on an electric car, reports The Wall Street Journal. The company hired Doug Betts, who previously served as the Senior Vice President of the Chrysler Group, where he was the global head of operations leading product service and quality.

Apple reportedly has hundreds of employees working on developing an lectric vehicle and has been recruiting talent from the automotive industry and other car-related fields, poaching employees from companies like Tesla, Ford, and GM. Rumors have thus far disagreed on whether Apple is focusing on self-driving capabilities for the vehicle.

BaDoink Hands out VR Cardboard Headsets So You’ll Buy Virtual Reality Porn

Porn’s role in the tech vanguard is no secret. It has served as the tip of the spear of tech platforms since forever BaDoink, one of a handful of pioneer VR porn companies, is handing out free virtual reality headsets to the public. In a surprise to nobody, the company ran out of its first 10,000 headsets within 24
hours. The company put in another order for 20,000 more goggles to give to customers.

Don’t expect an Oculus Rift in the mail. BaDoink is shipping the far cheaper cardboard headsets, modeled on Google Cardboard which retails for roughly $20. The goal is to seed the community with the gear necessary to run BaDoink’s virtual reality application to buy porn flicks to watch through Cardboard.