What’s Coming Up This Weekend On Tech Talk

Jake Levant the Vice President of Marketing at Fring about Mobile video chat that has now evolved from one on one into social chat with multiple friends.

Jason Mitura the Chief Product Officer at Viewdle about cutting edge visual analysis technology used for facial recognition on mobile devices

Calvin Harrison the Chief Operations Officer at IneoQuest about digital video delivery and it’s challenges.

John Landy the Chief Technology Officer at IntraLinks about cloud-based solutions that allow you to collaborate more effectively, manage risk more efficiently, and share information more securely on both sides of the firewall and around the globe.

Rebecca McNeil an Attorney at Finnegan about the America Invents Act which is the most significant piece of patent reform legislation in a very long time.

Chris Hansen the Chief Executive Officer at BAMM.tv about connecting artists, entertainment service providers and audiences worldwide through an extensive global content distribution network.

Ken Grunski the Chief Executive Officer at Telestial about the ins and outs of Telecom.

Scott Albro the Chief Executive Officer at Focus.com about their online business professional network and how it can connect you with the industry experts who can advise and network with you.

Paul Magnone the VP of Business Development at Openet about Service Optimization Software delivered through two distinct, interrelated transformational architectures.