Come On Down or Listen In As We Broadcast From The US FIRST Robotics Granite State Regional

You might think that robotics are geeky and boring — and you’d be wrong when it comes to the US First Robotics competition this weekend.  If you’ve ever been to the “Super Bowl” you might have some idea of just how exciting this weekend will be. There will be teams competing along with cheering crowds, there will be hundreds of players, coaches, and refs running onto the field and even a live play-by-play. But this isn’t your average sporting event.

This is the #1 event on the calendar for thousands of youth from high schools around the United States. This weekend, Manchester New Hampshire is hosting the area’s regional FIRST competition at the Verizon Wireless Arena. More than 45 teams comprised of hundreds of high school-aged students will be competing for a two-dozen prizes by entering their self-designed and built robots into a two-part competition.

This year’s game, called “Rebound Rumble”, will pit co-operative alliances of competitors against other alliances in a multi-faceted game of basketball and balance. More details can be found on the games website.

After seeing how the fields of science and technology were beginning to dwindle here in the US, yet sports were encouraged and celebrated by almost everyone throughout society, Dean Kamen founded FIRST to help inspire our youth’s participation in what may be the most important fields within our country.

This weekend I will be broadcasting live from the event, interviewing participants, organizers, coaches, sponsors and even doing live play-by-plays. Coverage of this event was made possible by the US Army and NH Precision Metals.  Please encourage your friends and families to listen on-the-air or on-line. The event will be covered as an over the air broadcast or on the Internet at and on WQSO 96.7 11 am to 2 pm.   The event is open to the public and is free of charge.

I hope to see you there!