Looking for Volunteers to Help with FIRST Robotics Granite State Regionals

As you probably know, our coverage of the BAE Granite State Regionals on WGIR and WGIN is an effort of love.  Since we got the final go-ahead today to do the live coverage of the event, we’re trying to get everything planned.  We’d like to make this the best event ever, so we’re looking for some more volunteers to help with everything from taking some pictures and video through helping with on-the-air coverage of play-by-play action.  We’re approaching FIRST and BAE to get some volunteers, but I thought I’d throw it out to our community.

Historically we’ve had some trouble finding volunteers to:

– Help with the play-by-play on-air.  This needs to be someone who is very familiar with the game and the teams and who is great on-air with me.  Usually we’re on the floor talking about the teams and the game during the finals.  They also need to bring noise-resistant headphones and/or ear buds with sound deadening headphones that can plug into our wireless receiver that they wear on their belt to be able to hear me, the station and other hosts that I’ve invited.

– Someone to track the score and put together playoff charts down on the floor (as well as before the finals, but it’s a little less urgent).  As we’re doing the play-by-play during the finals we need to know instantly what the score is, who the contenders are, what the current round is and who’s moving on to the next round.  It’s difficult to track all that while we’re on the air.

– Pre-show research.  We need to have background information about every team along with some interesting tidbits that we can use to talk about while we’re on the air.  Karen (my wife) has been putting some of this together over the past few years by scraping information from the teams’ web sites she’s found, but it’s not ideal.  Ideally this volunteer would contact the teams and get some cool information from them, too.

If they really wanted to go above-and-beyond it would be great to get pre-recorded “Hello!” messages from the teams.  If they co-ordinated it with Karen we could set up a telephone patch before the regional, have the team get around a speakerphone and say something like “Hello!  This is team 1590, Mechanical Meyhem from Milford, NH” or something similar.  This would be fun to air when the team goes to the floor for competition.  It would be difficult to get this type of information the day of the event.

– A volunteer to rustle up a team member from time-to-time to talk about what just happened on the floor.

That’s the main stuff.  We’ve got volunteers from the radio station who will get everything set up for us…

If you’re interested in helping out, post me a comment.