Extreme Makeovers Aren’t Just For Hollywood Anymore

Eve Michaels of Eve Michaels.com joins Craig to discuss how everyone can have their “WOW” no matter what their age and when you get your body, mind and spirit in sync, you’ll find your WOW! again.

As more and more people are searching for their own “Extreme Makeover”, they are realizing they need a guide. Eve Michaels is a makeover professional who addresses every aspect of a person’s makeover – from fashion, to ettiquette, to surgery if needed. She guides people through the process of not just an “extreme makeover” but a life makeover helping her clients to be their very best.

Makeovers are about more than just new clothes, they are about bringing out the best and feeling comfortable with the “new” you as you incorporate the makeover into your life and lifestyle.

Whether it is helping them pick the best plastic surgeon, brushing up on etiquette and table manners or finding the best fashions for their new look, Eve is there to show them the way.

Today women want to look younger, fresher and sexier, but need someone to teach them how. From injectable fillers for the face, workouts for the body and the newest fashions for their closets.

With over 30 years experience in the fashion, beauty and image industries, Eve has developed the unique ability to help women get in touch with their true essence and to express it through their visual appearance. Eve truly has a gift, a talent, for helping women find their inner spirit and then match it with their outer appearance.

What’s appropriate for any age and what’s not

Eve Shares her 7 tips with us:


  • What happened to your excitement and sense of wonder? When did life become so dreary?
  • Did growing up have to mean growing old in attitude?
  • How did this sneak up on us without our even noticing? As we became more sophisticated so did our toys. But even the toys stopped delighting us.
  • What good is a new dress with an old attitude? If you want to look young you have got to feel young. Young at heart. Find the child inside of you. You will be delighted with the adventure of life.


  • The most important thing you can do to start getting your “WOW” back is to change the way you think about aging. Healthy and positive aging is possible.
  • Most women were raised to believe that certain depressing things would happen to our bodies as we age, especially after having children. Even worse, we were taught that our personal worth would diminish with each year we live.
  • Nowadays, 50 is the new 30. I know. I am 53 years old and loving it.
  • At least twice a day affirm from the heart saying “I am growing younger, better, happier, healthier, wealthier and more full of life.”
  • Say it with feeling and total faith. Say it out loud during your daily prayers.
  • Think it as you drive, do chores, whenever. Remember that what you think about is what you’ll become. Please don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! You’ll be a happier woman believing that you are getting better all of the time.


  • Whatever it is that really regenerates you, do it. Balance is the key.
  • It is vital to take some time for yourself so you remain a whole and balanced person. When you live only for others it’s not possible to have WOW!


  • Whatever it is that really regenerates you, do it. Balance is the key.
  • It is vital to take some time for yourself so you remain a whole and balanced person. When you live only for others it’s not possible to have WOW!
  • Someone who has WOW! has a fountain of personal energy and vitality. They’re interesting. They have an endless source of love to tap into.
  • Everything can’t be about the kids. If it’s all about others you lose your self. And your children don’t need the guilt of being the entire universe to you. They respect your having your own needs and filling them.
  • You have to be a complete person in order to have a great relationship with someone else and that includes your kids.
  • You started off by being yourself and then attracting another. Then you had children and may have lost who you are and forgot about your marriage.
  • If this happens to you, what kind of life will you be offering your children?
  • Your spouse and your children will appreciate a mom who nurtures all sides of herself and teaches them to do the same.
  • Mom is a person first and foremost, then a mate and a mom. All three sides must be tended to.
  • Indulge yourself each day � even if it’s only for a few minutes. Nurture your spirit and individuality. Enhance your mind. This is an important source of your WOW!


  • When you are young, you have a strong sex drive which motivates much of your behavior. It also is responsible for attracting your significant other. In fact, chances are that you would not be a mom at all if you were not a sexual person.
  • We are all sensual beings. We can’t deny that part of ourselves. Sexual energy is the driving force behind all of creation. In Eastern philosophies, it is a well-accepted fact that the creative chakra (center) of our bodies is also the sex chakra.
  • As moms, we can’t go through life doing one task after another without any time to nurture our own physical needs. Your significant other wants the person they fell in love with. When you were dating, didn’t you make him a priority? Make him feel important? Loved being intimate with him? Well, just because you had children doesn’t mean that all that must stop.
  • The parents’ love for one another is the foundation of the home.


  • It is only from a sense of gratitude and joy that we create more good things in our life. That is because positive attracts positive. So if you want more goodness, focus on goodness.
  • Nothing fades anger and sadness quicker than shifting our attitude to thoughts of gratitude.
  • When you are feeling good, remember to tell your face. It shows what you think.
  • No amount of makeup or surgery will make your face look joyous and stress free. Only you can do that.
  • Renowned facialist Vera Brown always said, “By 30 you have the face you’ve earned and by 50 you have the face you deserve”
  • Change your attitude and do an about face! All puns intended.


  • If your computer software is more current than your hairdo, you might be in a rut. You’re ready for an image makeover.
  • The physical is an affirmation of the mental and spiritual. You live in a physical world. So take good care of the vehicle that carries you around this planet.
  • We do not need to grow old, weak, flabby, and ill. Wellness, strength, stamina, good energy is our natural state. Do what it takes daily to nurture your body. Be good to it and it will be good to you.
  • Don’t get caught in your own time warp. You wouldn’t expect a 10 year-old computer program to serve your needs, so why expect that an outdated style will.
  • You need to learn what flatters your best features and accentuate them. Make the trends work for your body, shape and coloring.
  • Part of being modern is accurately communicating who you are. You don’t have to try to look twenty. But you must keep up with the trends. Your children will love it.
  • Your makeup should be updated every spring and fall. Your hairstyle needs to change at least every 2 years. Update your clothing on a seasonal basis.
  • On a budget? Just add a couple of key pieces, change the way you wear what you have, and keep your hair and makeup current.
  • We have a responsibility to stay in the fashion groove. If we look like a dinosaur, people will treat us like one.
  • People are not born “out of style”. They get that way when they stop putting effort into their appearance.
  • It’s often fear that stops us from changing. Fear of looking silly. Fear of not wearing the new trend correctly.

Eve Michaels – Biography

As a working Mom with kids, husband and the whole nine yards, Eve really understands the challenges of being a Mom. Eve’s life was not always as perfect as it seems today. She experienced makeover magic herself.

At 53 years old she looks a glamorous 35. She lives a life many would envy – with a home in Beverly Hills, a wonderful relationship with her husband, great kids and a successful career she loves.

But it has taken her many years of deep introspection and study to find the unique blend of body, mind and spirit makeover magic insights she applies to her life everyday. She has gone through a divorce and many ups and down in her life.

Now Eve knows it is possible to have it all – and that we deserve to have it all. She turned her own life around and now has the life she always dreamed of.

Eve’s philosophy is that when you get your body, mind and spirit in sync, you’ll get your WOW! back. “How to grow young is the passion of my life,” says Eve, who has worked as a celebrity image designer with the rich and famous.

Eve is dedicating her life to helping people from all walks of life look and feel vibrant, beautiful and modern.

“I’ve built up my expertise over the last 30 years by working in all aspects of the fashion and makeover industry,” says Michaels.

“I had an intense interest in natural healing, spirituality, and metaphysics. That’s how I’ve been able to develop a holistic approach.”

Eve brings her unique journey and her holistic approach to people everywhere through her makeover magic programs.

Unlike other makeovers, Eve’s program goes way beyond hair, make up and dress – it offers you a real opportunity to walk the path she has prepared and to experience personal enhancement – in body, mind and spirit.

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