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In today’s modern world, stress is part and parcel of every day.  It is a growing concern of each individual living on this planet earth.  There are a number of factors that contribute to stress.  There are numerous tools and program available on the internet to get rid of stress.  Apart from this, people take advice from doctors to get rid of stress.

Here is one company called Maximized Living and a Chiropractitioner by Dr. Chris Niedzinski.  Maximized Living concept was founded by Dr. Ben Lerner and Dr. Greg Loman.   These simple tools have been practiced by many people and have been benefiting them immensely.

The main objective of Maximized Living is living fully for better health and wellness.  It is not just the concept—but also your ability to achieve that level of excellence.  The Maximized Living Health Center is a place, where people can go and receive the best care for removing the obstacles to optimal health and to achieve balance in their body and in their lives.  The goal is to demystify health and create one place you can go and not just get “better” but more importantly–get well.

In today’s world, people are more stressed or depressed due to some thing or the other.  Here are some factors that contribute stress:

  • Chemical toxicity (medications, environmental, heavy metals, biotoxins, nutrition).  These all directly alter organ function and hormone production.  Most antidepressant medications significantly INCREASE depression and stress.
  • Physical nerve stress will damage the nervous system directly and limits the control of organ function leading to decrease in hormones that reduce stress
  • There is a deficiency of nutrition which accumulates stress on body and our internal system
  • Limited exercise and movement.  This limits the oxygen ability of body, leading to cellular dysfunction and disease. It is no doubt that exercise alone can drastically reduce stress.
  • Relationship and workplace stress.  Marital problems, job difficulties, etc. all create physiologic change.  Skin, heart rate, digestion, hormone, energy change with emotions.
  • Improper time management skills (one of the biggest factors)—we are living in a rushed, emergency-centered world.  We are busier than we are successful.

If you look at the above causes, then it’ll only add stress and you’ll be more depressed.  So, we need to heal our brain in a systematic way to eliminate stress.  You can never eliminate stress, but can learn new techniques to build peace.

Fixing the above points one by one will not solve the problem, we require an internal biostructural changes. Maximized Living involves a unique biostructural alignment approach, and also promotes natural, drug free living and optimal nutrition for your body, allowing it to perform at optimal levels.   When your body is in this state of wellness, it becomes self-regulating. It will actually heal itself in most cases, and all you have to do is not interfere with it. That entails avoiding harmful foods and substances that will get in the way of your body’s natural processes. It also means taking care of your body, staying active and keeping fit.

Using the Five Essentials, Maximized Living helps to remove the obstacles to wellness, and restore your body to the balance it naturally seeks:

  1. Minimize your exposure to toxins (Eg: medications & refined foods)
  2. Maximize nerve supply.  All life and function revolves around this—all else is negligible.
  3. Maximize the quality of your nutrition. Not diet, but making better choices of nontoxic fuel.
  4. Maximize oxygen and lean muscle As little as 12 minutes per week! (
  5. Maximize peace and relationships.  Anger Management, Peace Management, Reprogramming Perceptions (the art of overcoming, moving from pain to purpose), and Effective Time Management

Literally thousands of people across the country have transformed their lives (and stress) with these easy principles.  If you would like more information please click here.

Dr. Chris Niedzinski DC
Maximized Living Mentor

Dr. Chris Niedzinski – A biography

Dr. Chris Niedzinski is a Maximized Living Mentor in Farmington Hills, MI.  He has one of the most successful Chiropracticpractices in Metro Detroit, seeing hundreds of patients each week.  He has trained with Drs Ben Lerner and Greg Loman-founders of Maximized Living.  These Doctors have written NY Times Best-Selling Books based on Stress Management, Time Management, Nutrition, Exercise, and Chiropractic (Body by God, One-Minute Wellness).  Dr. Chris is an expert on stress management and has helped many people transform their lives through the Maximized Living principles.

Maximized Living Inc. was established in 1999 and is located in Celebration, Florida, USA.    The company was founded by Dr. Ben Lerner and Dr. Greg Loman. Dr. Ben is a world-renown chiropractor, two-time New York Times best-sellingauthor, and two-time U.S. Olympic Wrestling Team physician. Dr. Greg is a world-renown chiropractor, New York Times best-selling author, and host of the radio & television show “Ultimate Health.”

The highly skilled team consists of 12 coaches and 6 staff members with over 150 years combined industry experience. The diversity of team, and affiliation with the leading experts & companies in industry, enable them to provide you with the best training & resources to help you achieve your goals.

The mission is to maximize the lives of millions of people so that they can achieve their God-given potential through their health centers, chiropractic coaching, wellness programs, wellness products, and ministry foundation.  Over the past decade, Maximized Living has assisted hundreds of chiropractors in building successful practices and assisted thousands of people in living healthy lives.

They are committed to helping you live life to the max!