Laser Wrinkle Treatment You Can Do Yourself That Actually Works!

Marc Maisel, Founder, VP of Light Dimensions, maker of the RejuvaWand joins Craig to discuss how we can take charge of our skin and lessen the effects of time with advanced technology.

What is the RejuvaWand™ Skincare System? How does it work?

The RejuvaWand™ Skincare System is the first home-use, light-based skincare system to use both red and infrared light to reduce the signs of aging. The restorative red and infrared light that emits from the wand penetrates the skin’s surface and stimulates new cell production and blood flow. Restorative light therapy helps to reverse the signs of aging and leads to a healthy and younger looking appearance, proponents say. The RejuvaWand also went through rigorous clinical tests and is “the nexus of skincare, healthcare and technology.”

As we age, the cells that manufacture collagen and elastin – your skin’s support system – begin to slow down. Sun exposure accelerates this process and produces a damaging chemical imbalance under the surface of your skin. The RejuvaWandTM Skincare System from Light Dimensions uses a totally natural approach to reverse the damaging effects of aging and sun exposure. The system combines relaxing massage and light to help invigorate the body’s own natural restorative processes, and counteract the effects of aging.

Some anti-aging treatments, like chemical peels and laser resurfacing, essentially cause damage to the skin, tapping the body’s natural healing processes to produce desired results. The RejuvaWand process is healthier. It stimulates your skin’s natural healing agents and triggers revitalization through a combination of invigorating massage and unique wavelengths of light.

Light from the RejuvaWand permeates the top layers of the skin, telling your cells to produce more energy (scientifically referred to as Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP) thereby jumpstarting the fuel these cells need during the repair and rejuvenation process. ATP also helps your cells absorb nutrients faster and more effectively.

Independent laboratory studies have shown that increased ATP can help reverse the effects on aging skin. The powerful cellular energy boosts collagen levels, smoothes the skin’s appearance, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and activates key healing properties. The RejuvaWand’s addition of RejuvaTM Vibe gentle massage increases blood circulation under your skin, which ultimately increases the flow of nutrients and carries away dead and damaged cells.

Medical Grade Light Therapy

RejuvaWand technology is based on unique high power light emitting diodes (LEDs), which have been proven in independent research to safely deliver powerful cosmetic, hygienic and therapeutic benefits. Even the NASA space program has shown that LED light therapy promotes wound healing and human tissue growth. In addition, the RejuvaWand Skincare System is painless with absolutely no downtime due to redness or swelling of skin.

Rejuva Vibe Restorative Massage

Therapeutic massage helps to relieve muscle pain, increase circulation and has been a cornerstone of physical therapy for centuries. The RejuvaWand harnesses this traditional healing process by using a type of massage called selective harmonic vibration (SHV), or Rejuva Vibe, which promotes increased blood circulation and healing, and increases the formation of new capillaries. Healthy blood vessels replace damaged ones and speed your skin’s rejuvenation process.

Does the treatment hurt? Will the LED lights burn or cut my skin?

No. The RejuvaWand™ Skincare System is non-invasive, which means it works without cutting into the skin.The LED lights are approved for home use and will not burn or damage your skin. RejuvaWand Treatments are extremely comfortable, safe and also relaxing.

What is the difference between The RejuvaWand Skincare System and a laser or Intense Pulsed Light treatment at the doctor’s office?

The RejuvaWand Skincare System uses low-level light energy to stimulate your body’s own natural rejuvenation process, which improves your skin’s condition in a non-irritating and non-invasive way. There is no redness, swelling or downtime with the RejuvaWand Skincare System. Office-based treatments, such as Lasers and intense pulsed light (IPL) systems, achieve their effects by causing damage to the skin, which in turn promotes a healing process. These treatments are also very expensive and often require multiple visits. The RejuvaWand can be used in the privacy of your own home and costs much less than office-based laser and IPL treatments.

How is the RejuvaWand Skincare System different from other light-based skin therapy products?The RejuvaWand personal care appliance offers a number of important advantages over other light-based therapy products.

  • Light Sources -Unlike competing products, you can choose from two restorative light sources that emit from the RejuvaWand. The visible red light penetrates directly below the skin’s surface, which jumpstarts cell rejuvenation and makes the skin healthier and younger looking. Infrared light penetrates more deeply to further the rejuvenation process. The light sources are used on alternating days to deliver optimal results.
  • Power Output -Other home-based light therapy skin treatment systems emit light at a much lower output level than the RejuvaWand. In fact, the RejuvaWand emits its two therapeutic lights at a level that is more than 20 times other products’ on the market. This ensures the deepest light penetration into the skin and optimal results.
  • Emitting Area -The light emission area on the RejuvaWand is over 10 times larger than other products. This design was incorporated for more effective treatment of larger surface areas. and targeted delivery of more light into the skin.
  • Rejuva Vibe -The RejuvaWand is the only restorative light therapy product to incorporate Rejuva™ Vibe relaxing and healing massage as a key element in the skin rejuvenation process. Rejuva Vibe relaxes uneven surface areas in the skin to help flatten wrinkles and better target restorative light penetration. This relaxing massage also helps to promote the development of new capillaries, which increases blood circulation and the removal of dead and damaged cells, leaving the skin younger and healthier looking.
  • Light Diffuser -The RejuvaWand diffuses and randomly distributes the red and infrared lights into the skin. This helps to ensure that the restorative light covers the entire treatment area.

Is The RejuvaWand dangerous to use around my eyes?

No. The RejuvaWand Skincare System was designed so that its treatment light will not harm your eyes and is only emitted when in contact with or in close proximity to your skin. Even if you accidentally look directly into the light being emitted during the treatment, your eyes will not be harmed. Regardless of the inherent safety features, directions should always be followed and warning labels should always be read.

Are there any negative side effects from using The RejuvaWand skincare system?

The RejuvaWand has been clinically tested by Dermatologists and negative side effects from its use were not reported. In more than 30 years of ongoing clinical tests, trials and studies, there have been no reported short- or long-term negative side effects from similar light treatments.

How long does the RejuvaWand need to be used before I see results?

Results depend on many variables including your age, amount of photo-damage from sun exposure, adherence to instructions, proper and consistent use of the recommended Rejuva three step skincare program, etc. With consistent and proper treatment visible changes in your skin’s appearance should be noticeable in 30 days or less. The changes are gradual so it is always advisable to take close up photographs of the area being treated before treatment and then compare them to photos taken after 30 days of using the RejuvaWand Skincare System.
How often do I need to use the RejuvaWand Skincare System?

For best results, the RejuvaWand Skincare System should be used once a day, in the morning or at nighttime, on each area that is being treated for the preprogrammed amount of time.

Can I use the RejuvaWand Skincare System in conjunction with other treatments like dermabrasion?
Yes. In fact, the combined treatment with dermabrasion or other forms of exfoliation may have very positive effects. Dermatologists have commented on the benefits of using the RejuvaWand on a daily basis between office-based treatments. Consult with your treatment dermatologist or aesthetician about the nature of a specific treatment and the possible effects of combining them with daily RejuvaWand usage.

Can I use the RejuvaWand Skincare System in conjunction with other treatments like dermabrasion?

Yes. In fact, the combined treatment with dermabrasion or other forms of exfoliation may have very positive effects. Dermatologists have commented on the benefits of using the RejuvaWand on a daily basis between office-based treatments. Consult with your treatment dermatologist or aesthetician about the nature of a specific treatment and the possible effects of combining them with daily RejuvaWand usage.

Marc Maisel, Vice President Marketing and Sales

Marc has played a hands-on executive role in the medical laser, ophthalmic products and cosmetic industries for over 35 years. He has served as V.P. of International Sales for Cutera Medical, formerly Altus Medical; V.P. Sales for Coherent Medical, Sales Manager for Bausch & Lomb and Director of Sales and Marketing for Sunshine Natural Products. Throughout his career, Marc has played a key role in the development and introduction of lasers and other groundbreaking products in the fields of dermatology, ophthalmology, urology, skincare and hair care.

About Light Dimensions:

Light Dimensions’ goal is to help you improve the beauty and health of your skin with, medical-quality, restorative light therapy products that help reverse the signs of aging. With regular and convenient home use of the RejuvaWand™ personal care appliance and the RejuvaWand Skincare System, you can enjoy clinically proven, younger-looking skin, achieving results similar to those available from costly and time-consuming treatments in physicians’ offices, salons or spas.

Light Dimensions’ senior team has more than 100 years’ experience in the development, production and clinical distribution of medical lasers, and other high tech medical and dental products. The company’s management team has developed and introduced revolutionary laser products and treatments in a wide range of medical fields, including dermatology, cosmetic surgery, ophthalmology, gynecology, urology and oncology. Many of these pioneering treatments are being used today to fight breast cancer, cataracts, glaucoma, prostate disease, stroke, infertility and more.

These same experts have applied their deep domain knowledge to develop the RejuvaWand™ Skincare System, a revolutionary new line of age-defying skin treatment products. To facilitate their efforts they have assembled a team of world-leading physicists, engineers, chemists and industrial designers.

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