Learn to Sail Aboard a 70-foot Schooner — Sailing Camp for Kids and Adults

Have you ever sailed on a Schooner?

Schooner Fame offer week-long sail training camps for both children and adults.

Schooner FameChildren will spend a fun and educational week aboard the 70-foot schooner FAME, a replica of the famous privateer from the War of 1812. Kids will learn how to sail a traditional wooden schooner and experience what life was like for the fishermen, traders, and privateers who built North Shore.

Fame’s adult programs offer a different port every night for a week as FAME cruises the waters of New England. If you’d like to have a brochure for either of these programs click here.

Campers will explore and chart a deserted island, swim in a secluded cove, and sail all over beautiful Salem Sound.

All campers will learn to raise, lower, and reef all sails, trim sails to the wind, take the tiller on all points of sail, read charts and plot courses, tie essential knots, and identify all parts of the vessel. Older campers will learn to handle dock lines and perform essential checks and maintenance.

The journey includes a lot of discussion on sailing theory, maritime history, and of course privateering and the War of 1812. No previous sailing experience is required for the journey.

Aboard the new FAME, passengers learn about the fishermen, pirates, privateers, traders and men of war who shaped our North Shore. They learn about the fishing trade that prompted Cape Ann’s first European settlements… the brave little schooners of George Washington’s fleet… the East India trade that made Salem rich… and, of course, the privateers of the Revolution and the War of 1812.

The Schooner Fame is also available for private charters, theme parties, fundraisers and special events. Maximum capacity is 40 passengers for these events.

Occasionally, there may be opportunities to make day-long or even overnight trips aboard FAME as she travels to other ports for special events. Whenever FAME is scheduled to participate in a special event, they will inform the public and make tickets available on a first-come, first-served basis.

So, go and experience an interesting journey at FAME. For more details click here.

About Fame:

The original FAME, built in Gloucester and owned in Salem, was a fast `Chebacco’ fishing schooner that was reborn as a privateer when war broke out in the summer of 1812. She took at least 21 prizes before being wrecked in the Bay of Fundy in March of 1814.

The new FAME is a full-scale replica of this famous schooner. Framed and planked of white oak and trunnel-fastened in the traditional manner, the new FAME was launched in 2003. She is now based at Salem’s Pickering Wharf Marina, where she takes the paying public for cruises on historic Salem Sound.

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