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Steambathing improves the look and feel of skin as the moist warmth opens the pores of your skin leaving it softer and more supple while natural perspiration during steambathing may remove impurities from your body.

Since time began, in every corner of the globe, people have looked for ways to purify themselves, to find balance and contentment through natural means. Martha Orellana Vice President of Mr. Steam joins Craig to discuss Steam, sauna, and aromatherapy and how all can play an important role in your personal stress and health management.

Steambathing promotes feelings of relaxation and rejuvenation and is an effective way to reduce stress and detoxify the body and help restore balance.

Holistic benefits are enhanced with the use of Aromasteam™ system, Chromasteam™ system and in-shower music therapy speakers.

Installing a steam unit is not just a product available to the wealthy, with Mr. Steam it is now affordable to create a private spa in your home

About Martha Orellana, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Mr.Steam:
As vice president of sales and marketing for Sussman Lifestyle Group, Martha Orellana has responsibility for managing the company’s sales force in the Western United States, Mexico and Canada.

Since joining the company more than 21 years ago, she has held management positions of increasing responsibility, including import/export manager, customer service manager, product manager and sales manager, where she was instrumental in organizing and establishing the rep firms now in place across the U.S.

About Mr. Steam:
Mr.Steam provides the finest quality steambath generators, towel warmers, sauna rooms and sauna heaters for residential and commercial use. Mr.Steam’s innovative steam systems, towel warmers and saunas enable people around the world to enjoy a healthy and luxurious lifestyle and spa experience. For more than 50 years, discerning consumers, interior designers, architects, builders and plumbing contractors have chosen Mr.Steam products. The company continues to redefine quality and reliability. Mr.Steam places great emphasis on customer service by offering builders and consumers design and technical assistance through our locations on the east and west coasts, as well as our expansive website at Mr.Steam products are backed by consumer-friendly, limited warranties that exemplify the company’s total commitment to customer satisfaction and provide exclusive remedy to the purchasers.

For more information on Mr.Steam’s and its other fine products, visit or call 1.800.76.STEAM.

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