Hand in Hand On Black Friday — Shopping and Privacy


Black Friday is almost upon us!  The day that retailers finally able to move from a red accounting register on to the black and it is always met with sales and loss leaders (great prices but not for the faint of heart) and some junkly produced items made especially for this annual sale that have been so cost reduced that they are not worth their name or any price. And then there are the scammers who will prey on anyone they can. In this one day event you will find sites that advertise extreme discounts and other attractive offers that no one else comes close too. In our online world one of the most common tactics is a fake website or fake app that will trick you providing your personal information (debit\credit card number, CVV code, name, address.) then after confirmation – the product is never delivered and your data is compromised, forever. Don’t get me wrong there are good deals to be had from legitimate companies but be aware that there are scammers jumping at the chance of empty your bank account and it begins in earnest on Black Friday!

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