Hardcore SEO Power Tools to Up Your Search Ranking

By  Gianluca Fiorelli

SEO has been growing exponentially during the last year due to it being more connected to all the other Internet Marketing disciplines. SEO grows more complex and the size of the sites we work on continue to grow.

It’s more important than ever to have a set of high-quality tools that give us both a competitive edge and save our increasingly precious time.

During this session at SMX London, we had Steve Lock of Linkdex, Pete Wailes of SEOGadget, Stacey Cavanagh of Tecmark and Dixon Jones of Majestic SEO showcasing their toolbox of hardcore SEO power tools.


Great tools like Majestic SEOLink Detox and Buzzstream get things launched. However, Trello may be the best way to keep things moving.

Browser Extensions

Chrome-based extensions:

Other Tips

Do you need an infographic, but no budget (or very small)?

Or do you need data but client is not giving you anything?

Do you need to write something, but have lack of inspiration?

Did you create awesome content, but don’t know who to show it to?

Have you pitched to bloggers and journalists, but not had any response?

  • Don’t use tools!

Did you publish great content but not had anyone looking at it?

Do you have pretty pictures, but you don’t know who’s using them?

Is keyword research giving you migraines?

Do your report suck?

And what about tools directly into our own browser? Super charge your Chrome browser with apps like SEO for Chrome or SEO SERP.

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