Nimble Has the World’s Best Value for Business Contact/Social Media Management

Nimble’s CEO, Jon Ferrara, has been on Tech Talk a few times now.  This is probably a first for any guest.  Any guess why?  I’m a happy user, and can absolutely state that:

Nimble Has the World’s Best Value for Business Contact/Social MediaManagement

Another first?  If you sign up for Nimble’s service, and send an email to their help-desk saying that you heard about Nimble on Tech Talk With Craig Peterson, they’ll give you three months of free service.  That’ll give you plenty of time to get hooked on their product — just like I did.

A Little History

Twenty years ago, Jon Ferrara understood that businesses needed more efficient ways of getting and staying connected to their customers in order to succeed and grow. That simple idea led him to co-found GoldMine Software, which grew to become a world leader in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) space. Today, business has changed. With the advent of social media, email, IM, text messages and more, businesses are overwhelmed by the myriad applications needed to listen to and engage with their customers. The question is no longer how to stay connected – but how to efficiently and cost-effectively build business relationships given multiple communication channels. From that new need sprang Jon Ferrara’s latest innovation: Nimble.

The business world has taken note. Nimble received kudos from industry thought leaders who immediately understood its value, including Gerhard Gschwandtner, Editor, Selling Power Magazine, who said, “Nimble is a visionary product. Finally, someone has figured out Social CRM and made it simple, fun and efficient. I predict that Nimble will leapfrog all traditional CRM solutions.” Nimble was awarded PC Magazine “Editors’ Choice” as well as the coveted “DEMO God” award from a field of hundreds of start-up contenders. It has also been recognized by leading analyst firm, Gartner, as a “Cool Vendor” for Social Software and Collaboration and placed on the “The CRM Watchlist 2011” by Social CRM expert and best-selling author, Paul Greenberg. Published by ZDNet, Nimble was one of only seven companies selected for the “Social Mainstream” category from a field of nearly 130 companies. In addition, Nimble was awarded the coveted “Willy” for “Best Social CRM” presented by industry veteran, Rich Bohn.