Top 10% of All Internet Users

If you’re not familiar with Kred, you should be.  It’s been an exciting week for my popularity as I’ve been ranked among the top professionals on LinkedIn, and now I’m in the top 10% of all Credible Internet Posters on the Internet.  Kinda cool.

What does this mean?” or “What is the value of this?” 

The Kred team went through their database, looked at the distribution of the scores and found me to be in the top 10% of the curve. Kred works on a double logarithmic scale, and being in the top 10% is a remarkable achievement.

To understand how Kred arrives at the transparent influence and outreach scores please visit the Kred Scoring Guide. You will also find a distribution curve and a distribution of scores.

Having a good influence score makes it easier for Falkow and her team to interact with other influencers as bloggers respond to someone who they can see has a digital presence and has been active on social networks for some time.  “We’re delighted with this recognition from Kred and we will display the Top 1% Influencer badge on our website, our blog and our Twitter feed,” says