Goodbye Atlantis, Hello SpaceX?

It’s the end of a 30-year run with NASA retiring the space shuttle program.  I remember it all, and always wanted to head to the Cape to see a lift-off of one of our magnificent space shuttles, but now that’ll never happen.

What’s next?

We’ve talked with senior management at SpaceX before, and it looks like it may end up being a winner in the next space race.NASA has penned a $763 million contract with Russia‘s space agency for a dozen rocket rides through 2016 and they’ve also been providing some seed money to four private firms to provide a crew-ready spaceship.

New Mexico has built a space port.  Virgin Galactic has been announced and is already in test flights, but SpaceX appears to be leading the NASA-encouraged pack which includes Blue OriginBoeing and the Sierra Nevada Corporation.