Surprise! What’s on Your Enterprise Network?

[00:00:00] Craig Peterson: Hi everybody. Craig Peterson here. This is our first three-minute training video. So we’ll see how this all goes today. You’re going to learn about what is on your network. Something that has surprised most enterprise managers.

[00:00:20] When you think of your computer network, you’re probably thinking about your server. You’re thinking about your desktops, maybe laptops that come in more recently. Of course, we’ve seen these wonderful devices as these mobile phones, smartphones, and other devices. We take up, we pick up, we bring in, right? We hook up to the wifi, our employees do it all the time. We do it all the time. That’s the problem.

[00:00:43] Number one, these are smart devices. These are computers. You’ve got to make sure they are on a separate network. In fact, they’re called part of the internet of things, but when you get right down to it, the biggest surprises that almost every enterprise manager has [00:01:00] is that we have had things like coffee pots, toasters, ovens sneaking on to our enterprise networks.

[00:01:10] We have to do an audit. Got to make sure that you scan, that you understand everything that is on your network because not only is this device, a smart device, and a computer. But so is that toaster that someone just plugged in. You know, that really cool internet toaster, or maybe some wonderful lights or that security camera up in the corner over there.

[00:01:35] Those are all computers.

[00:01:36] They are being launched used right now to launch into our networks: malware, ransomware, et cetera. We’re hearing about it every week and we’re hearing about it again. And this week, a massive conglomerate of hospitals just got nailed again with ransomware. So there you go.

[00:01:56] Something you can do right away: do a scan [00:02:00] on your network, make sure you know, everything that’s attached. Make sure that that network is forked out in multiple ways. Right? Don’t just have one flat network, have multiple networks, right? One for your IOT, internet of things, devices exclusively.

[00:02:18] Have another network that’s for your employee’s devices.  So they can listen to music when they’re in the office, maybe send an email off to the babysitter or whatever might need to be done. But those need to be completely separate networks with no access to your main servers, databases, or other computers.

[00:02:36] Hey, if you want to find out more if you’d like a little bit of my help. Just email me,

[00:02:43] Be glad to get back with you and help you out on a couple of things. And of course, you can always visit me online. Thanks. Take care. [00:03:00]