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Bruce Kehr, M.D., CEO of InforMedix joins Craig to discuss their product the Med-eMonitor System as The Medication Adherence Solution for disease management and retail products markets. InforMedix has integrated a patient-interactive monitoring device, hardware, software and networked communications system to enable disease management programs, chronically ill patients and their loved ones, and medical researchers to efficiently monitor and manage patients’ medication and care plan adherence, clinical response, and drug safety.

Some of the things they discuss are:

1. Where did the idea for the device come from?

2. How does the device work?

3. How is it programmed over the web?

4. How is the device monitored?

5. Is it portable?

6. Why is the device so important?

7. What types of patients would benefit from the device? Patients with Heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, severe mental illness, HIV, transplant patients, Alzheimer’s disease. Geared toward anyone that is on a complex medication regiment. Where taking the medications at the prescribe time is critical.

8. What is the average cost? Is it covered under any insurance?

9. Who have you partnered with?

InforMedix and excelleRx Team to Ensure Consumer Adherence with Prescribed Medications

ADT and XLHealth Team to Monitor Medication Compliance of Participants in Medicare Program Utilizing InforMedix Digital Technology

10. Tell us how the University of Pennsylvania using the device?

11. Is the device patented? With a pioneer patent position and a portfolio of 29 issued and pending patents, InforMedix’ IP is on a rock solid foundation for growth.

Bruce Kehr, M.D.

Bruce is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of InforMedix, Inc, and is the Founder of InforMedix. He is also the Chairman of the Board at the Institute on Aging at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Kehr is a forensic consultant in neuropsychiatry and traumatic brain injury and a practicing physician. He is the inventor of fifteen issued patents and fourteen pending patents in the United States, Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and South Korea, as well as issued and pending trademarks and service marks. Since 1981, Dr. Kehr has served as founder and President of Contemporary Psychiatric Services, a psychiatric group practice. He has actively written and lectured in the field of medication noncompliance, is recognized as an expert in the field of medication noncompliance, and has lectured on neuropsychiatry aspects of traumatic brain injury. Dr. Kehr received his BA from the University of Pennsylvania, followed by an MD from the Georgetown University School of Medicine.

About InforMedix:

InforMedix boasts a strong intellectual property portfolio that includes 15 issued and 14 pending patents. Most notably, the company owns the pioneer patents to technologies that provide dose-response data, a critical component to optimizing all clinical drug trials and disease management programs. In fact, the company’s patents have been cited as prior art by patent examiners in over 150 other issued patents.

InforMedix’ patent claim protection falls into two categories. First are those that cover Med-eMonitor-like devices that contain medication containing compartments plus the patient alerting and monitoring keys and screen. Second are those that do not require the device to contain medication compartments. These claims are directed to the monitoring function and signaling of the patient, and extend into the realm of non-containment electronic diaries populated by Palm, iPaq and other PDA and PC entrants. Across these patents, the data communication may be by various means including telephone line, Internet data connection, wireless link or other interface with a communication port.

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