Apple McIntosh and iPhone is Moving Into the Workplace

Apple’s McIntosh computers have been popular among small segments of business for years — primarily the graphics, advertising and marketing departments of small to large corporations. The recent huge successes brought by the iPod and more recently iPhone have exposed millions of people to Apple’s ease-of-use and just-works functionality and have subsequently driven the MacIntosh computers to the point where they hold an almost 10% market share of the desktop space. It was almost inevitable that we’d start to see them in the business space

I interviewed John C. Welch to talk about the popularity of these new MacIntosh computers in the business space.

  • How well does Apple and the Mac really play in business, and at what level, (SOHO/SMB/Big Enterprise).
  • Does the Mac work well for IT uses? Can you really run a network from or with a Mac as an IT person?
  • We’ve all heard the hype, both good and bad, but what’s the reality of a Mac? Is it more or less secure than Windows XPor Vista?
  • Can you actually have people on both working together without more pain than it’s worth?
  • How well does the Mac play with Facebook/MySpace/Amazon S3 et al?

John C. Welch
Writer and Analyst

John – A biography

John Welch is the Sr. Systems Engineer for The Zimmerman Agency, and has been an IT professional, specializing in the integration of Macs into networks for over 15 years. He is also a regular contributor to, a regular speaker on Mac IT issues at Macworld Conference & Expo since 1999, and the mind behind

The Zimmerman Agency — A Tallahassee-based branding, advertising, public relations and interactive firm — has total billings exceeding $175 million annually and employs more than 136 full-time professionals. A sampling of the agency portfolio includes The Ritz-Carlton Club and Residences, Costa del Mar Sunglasses, Yachts of Seabourn, Sanderson Farms Chicken, Tobacco Free Florida, Club Med, Aflac and the British Virgin Islands.


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