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Car Hack Technique Uses Dealerships to Spread Malware

OVER THE LAST summer, the security research community has proven like never before that cars are vulnerable to hackers—via cellular Internet connections, intercepted smartphone signals, and even insurance dongles plugged into dashboards. Now an automotive security researcher is calling attention to yet another potential inroad to a car’s sensitive digital guts: the auto dealerships that sell and maintain those systems.

At the Derbycon hacker conference in Louisville, Kentucky last week, security consultant Craig Smith presented a tool designed to find security vulnerabilities in equipment that’s used by mechanics and dealerships to update car software and run vehicle diagnostics, and sold by companies like Snap-On and Bosch. Smith’s invention, built with around $20 of hardware and free software that he’s released on GitHub, is designed to seek out—and hopefully help fix—bugs in those dealership tools that could transform them into a devious method of hacking thousands of vehicles.

If a hacker were to bring in a malware-harboring car for service, the vehicle could spread that infection to a dealership’s testing equipment, which in turn would spread the malware to every vehicle the dealership services, kicking off an epidemic of nasty code capable of attacking critical driving systems like transmission and brakes, Smith said in his Derbycon talk. He called that car-hacking nightmare scenario an “auto brothel.”

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Peeple Is the ‘Yelp for People’ App Your Mother Warned You About

Peeple is an app that lets users rate fellow human beings as if they were Amazon purchases. Its creators are calling it “Yelp for people,” with the app letting anyone review anyone they know and assign them star ratings out of five.

Reactions on social media, however, suggest the idea isn’t entirely welcome, with the concept drawing comparisons with an episode of “Community” where a similar app turns the school into a “Hunger Games”-style dystopia ruled over by a five-star elite. Peeple, meanwhile, is simply marketing itself as a “positivity app for positive people.”

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Five things to know about Apple OS X El Capitan

Apple’s new operating system (OS) for Mac computers is now available as a free upgrade. The iMac (mid-2007 or newer), MacBook Air (late 2008 or newer), MacBook (late 2008 Aluminum, or early 2009 or newer), Mac Mini (early 2009 or newer), MacBook Pro (mid/late 2007 or newer) and Mac Pro (early 2008 or newer) are compatible with the new Mac OS X El Capitan OS.

There are a lot of performance enhancements you would expect from an operating system that is an evolved version of its predecessor rather than being an all-out revolution. This will be good news for users who still have slightly older Macs—apps will load quicker, switching between them will be snappier and files will take less time to open.

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Skype Now Has Real-Time Translation Built In

Microsoft first released Skype Translator almost a year ago as a standalone app designed for Windows 8.

The software giant is now integrating its impressive translation feature directly into the desktop version of Skype, opening it up to Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 users. Six voice languages will be supported at launch, including English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin and Spanish. Skype will now let you hold a conversation in any of them, without ever needing to learn a language.

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Apple Blows Up The Concept Of A Privacy Policy

Three years ago, a common human being interested in the privacy policy of a gadget or service it was using was a rare bird. With the revelation that a large amount of the communications and private data of both foreign nationals and native residents of the U.S. were being collected and scrutinized by the government, all of that prototypical fine print came home to roost.

Since then, privacy has become a war cry among tech companies, and none so vociferously as Apple. It has amplified a well-aligned stance on user data being owned by the user to global proportions, taking a very public stance whenever possible. And that continues today.

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Putting Mobile Ad Blockers to the Test

To block ads or not to block ads on your mobile device? That’s thephilosophical dilemma facing consumers since Apple added support for ad blockers to its iPhone operating system a couple of weeks ago.

To help answer the question, we decided to put multiple ad blockers to the test. Over the course of four days, we used several ad-blocking apps on our iPhones and measured how much the programs cut down on web page data sizes and improved loading times, and also how much they increased the smartphone’s battery life.

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Eco Solutions of Today

Self-Driving Cars, Mapping the Future

Cameras measure light reflected from an object into the camera. Images are typically in color and display a visual image of the surrounding similar to what the human eye experiences. Unlike LiDAR, Camera images do not measure distance in three dimensions. Cameras work in a number of controlled scenarios, but are ultimately unreliable as single data source.

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Car That Listens (and Understands You)

SYNC lets you use your voice to make a call, listen to music, voice-control, select apps with SYNC® AppLinkTMand much more.
Voice-activated SYNC technology also helps you keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.

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Autonomous Cars, Cars of the Future

Society is on the path to achieving autonomous driving self-driving or driver-less cars. It’s only a matter of time before it becomes mainstream. Prototype projects are well under way and every advance in assisted driving is a step in the direction of autonomous driving.

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