Enerlume Energy Management Corp Shows how Businesses can save 15% on Electric Bills

Going green is more than a just a cause celebre: it has become a global issue that cannot be ignored. However, at the same time global demand for energy is growing fast, with lighting accounting for 40% to 80% of a typical commercial building’s electric bill.  [Listen to find out how lighting changes are affecting business and homes.]

In fact, the House and Senate are working on legislation that over the next seven years would phase out the conventional light bulb and replace it with compact fluorescentbulbs—a move that would not only save consumers $6 billion a year in energy, but also reduce man-made emissions.

While fluorescent lighting plays a key role in conservation, advances beyond changing from older T12 fluorescents to the more modern and efficient T8 fluorescents have been largely limited to turning lights off or dimming the lights with voltage reducers. If the facility has already installed T8 fluorescents and turning the lights off, or significantly dimming them, is unacceptable there seemed to be no simple next step in saving energy.

Enter the EnerLume | EM™
The EnerLume | EM, developed by Hamden, CT based Enerlume Energy Management Corp., is a small, self-contained, easily installed device that provides a new alternative. Simply put, the EnerLume | EM reduces the electricity consumption of T8 fluorescent lighting systems and can reduce light bills by up to 15% or more. The EnerLume | EM enables corporations and institutions to save energy by preventing fluorescent lighting systems from drawing power that cannot be efficiently converted into light.

EnerLume | EM’s built-in microprocessor employs a sophisticated algorithm to provide timing direction to the ballast (a device that converts power from the AC grid to a form suitable to light fluorescent lamps), determining when to draw power in such a way as to maintain full peak voltage to maximize light output. The ballast draws power when it is most efficient to do so, increasing the lighting system’s efficiency and providing more foot-candles of light per watt consumed. While taking energy out, the EnerLume | EM reduces the operating temperature of the ballast thereby increasing the expected life of the ballast. With the ballast running cooler, and reducing the temperature of each lighting fixture, one can expect a reduction in the electricity required to operate the air conditioning.

The EnerLume | EM system is suitable for use in buildings such as manufacturing facilities, parking garages, distribution centers, warehouses, retail space, and school systems. The EnerLume | EM system is easily installed between the feeder circuit and the lighting panel. A single EnerLume | EM can save energy on up to 2,300 lighting fixtures. Running Windows-based software, the device is easily programmed to power lighting systems on and off; facilities do not have to rely on the “last person out” to hit the light switch, providing considerable added cost savings. The EnerLume | EM also allows for remote programmability, making light changes and shut down easily monitored by any authorized computer.

Enerlume’s Chief Executive Officer, David Murphy, says, “Because of the rising cost of energy as well as the desire to minimize one’s carbon footprint, companies large and small, contractors, and government officials are all looking for new ways to save money and go green. The EnerLume | EM allows them to go greener. It provides an affordable way to save significant electrical energy while maintaining the light needed in the facility.”

Saves Energy Without Leaving You In The Dark

Consider This:
While there have been many power reduction devices available for fluorescent light over the years, they have almost universally worked on the principle of restricting the amount of power the ballast can draw by reducing the peak voltage. In effect, these power restrictors simply “dim” ballasts that were not originally designed to be dimmable. The percentage of watts saved is roughly equal to the percentage of lumens lost.

The EnerLume-EM® works on a completely different principle. It does not limit the amount of power the ballast draws, it restricts when it may draw power. AC power is delivered in a sine wave. A single wave happens very fast – 60 times per second. Ballasts need power to operate the fluorescent tubes. By restricting when on the sine wave cycle the ballast may draw power, the EnerLume-EM® allows the ballast to get the power it needs when it is efficient to do so. This results in lower power consumption.

This way, the ballast still provides very nearly all the power the tubes need to maintain full brightness. This is why, at a very significant electrical savings of 15%, there is no detectable loss of light. This is simply because the tubes still get the power they need. The EnerLume-EM® guides the ballast to create the needed power for the fluorescent tubes with less power pulled from the Utility. This leads to longer ballast life and reduced cooling costs.

With the EnerLume-EM®, the facility manager can further increase the savings beyond the 15%. Beyond this, depending on the ballast used, there will be a dimming effect as the time restriction becomes great enough to interfere with the ballast’s ability to get enough power to provide the tubes with what they want. That said, it is still not in direct proportion. The additional power savings exceed the lumen loss. Users report savings of up to 30% in power consumption.

Bottom Line:

The EnerLume|EM® and power restrictors are not the same. Power restrictors limit power drawn by dimming the lights. The EnerLume|EM® teaches the ballast to be more efficient. It actually increases the efficacy of the fluorescent lighting system.

What is the EnerLume|EM®
The EnerLume|EM® is an energy saving device for use with new or existing fluorescent lighting systems. By conditioning the incoming power wave, it reduces electrical consumption with negligible lumen loss at savings up to 15%. Greater savings are possible with some lumen loss. Savings percentages are set using the EnerLume|EM® software (Windows® based) provided. This software allows the user to program changes to savings and “On/Off” as timed events.

Installation is accomplished by “splicing” the EnerLume|EM® in between the supply feeder and the lighting panel. Suitable for three phase or single phase systems.

Ballast Requirements:
The EnerLume|EM® works with either T8 or T12 ballasts. Testing shows that the greatest savings with the least lumen loss are achieved when the EnerLume|EM® is used with single voltage T8 ballasts.

About the EnerLume|EM®

In many applications, fluorescent lighting accounts for 40% – 80% of your electric bill. One way to reduce that cost is to simply cut voltage and dim the lights. That’s the way traditional “Black Box” sine wave toppers operate. Another is to turn the lights off. Building Management Systems save money by eliminating light. Now you can keep the lights on and bright, and save money at the same time.

The EnerLume-EM® is designed to improve lighting efficiency so your lighting levels are maintained with less electricity. While other devices cut electrical flow by “topping” sine waves. the patent pending EnerLume-EM® takes a more intelligent approach, resulting in an entirely new way to reduce electrical consumption. Additionally, this new technology works with both new and existing fluorescent lighting systems.

The EnerLume-EM® gives you greater flexibility and control over your fluorescent lighting system. You are not only cutting power, but managing it. The EnerLume-EM® management features include remote programming and adjustable energy levels.

The EnerLume-EM® dramatically reduces the cost of running fluorescent lights without sacrificing lighting quality. In addition, the EnerLume-EM® can be programmed to dim or selectively curtail after hours lighting levels for even greater savings.

EnerLume-EM<sup>®</sup> Wire Diagram (Click image for full size image)The EnerLume-EM® is a lighting energy management system designed to reduce the power required for operating magnetic or electronic ballasts in fluorescent lighting systems. The EnerLume-EM® manages the incoming power so the ballasts draw energy only when power transmission is most efficient. This patent pending capability cuts energy costs while reducing light levels so little that no light loss can be seen by the human eye.

In typical installations, the EnerLume-EM® is mounted adjacent to the fluorescent lighting panel to be treated. A single EnerLume-EM® unit can treat all fixtures fed by the lighting panel. The EnerLume-EM® is UL and CUL listed and housed in a steel, NEMA rated enclosure. The EnerLume-EM® is offered in six different models to meet your specific voltage and capacity requirements.

Case Studies

Hospital Complex – State of New York
We installed a 100 amp, 277/480v EnerLume|EM® in an electrical closet servicing one floor of an eight story research building. Prior to the installation, the normal hours of operation that the T-8 fluorescent lights remained on were 6:00AM to 11:00PM weekdays and half days on weekends. The department relied on the “last person out” to shut off the lights, but that was rarely achieved. Therefore, the 400+ fluorescent fixtures typically remained on 24/7. Upon installation of the EnerLume|EM®, we achieved a sustainable 30% savings in kwh with the lights on and an overall 50% savings over a 24 hour period by programming the unit to shut lights off from 11:00PM to 6:00AM. There was less than 1% loss in ft/c. Considering that the utility rate was over $0.21 kwh, the ROI was measured in months.

Large Education Facility – Central New England
This two year old public school was originally built using four lite T-8 fluorescent fixtures with occupancy sensors in each room. The school typically has the lights on from 7:00AM to nearly 11:00PM weekdays and a half day on Saturdays. With an electric rate exceeding $0.14 kwh, a 200 amp, 277/480v EnerLume|EM® was installed on a first floor dedicated lighting panel and connected to like panels on the second and third floor. Overall building savings exceeded 10% of the total load and the lighting panel savings exceeded 18%. Ft/c loss was imperceptible at just under 2 ft/c. The ROI was calculated at 14 months.

Public Warehouse – Southern New England
It is a 465,000 sq, ft. public storage facility that contained 464 – 400w HID’s incurring an exorbitant monthly electric bill. We recommended and installed six lite T-8 fluorescent fixtures with mirror reflectors and occupancy sensors on each fixture. Four EnerLume|EM® 100 amp, 277/480v Energy Managers were also installed. Overall utility savings was 78% and the EnerLume|EM®’s accounted for more than 15% of that savings. The utility incentive was approximately 50% and the ROI came in at less than 17 months.

David J. Murphy – Co-Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer: David J. Murphy a Co-founder of the Company was appointed as its President and CEO during February 2007. He had served as the Company’s Acting President and Chief Executive Officer since August 2005. Since 1986, Mr. Murphy also served as a
Director. Other positions held by Mr. Murphy at the Company include serving as its Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. His prior experience includes serving as Operations Manager for Campus Dining at the University of New Haven and as an Adjunct Professor in the Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism School. Mr.
Murphy received a B.S. degree in International Business from Quinnipiac University, as well as earned a certificate in Exporting Marketing from Quinnipiac University.


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