From TomTom to Garmin — The Latest GPS Navigation Includes 3D, Dynamic Conent and Cameras!

[Click here to listen to my interview with Jonathan Husby from TeleAtlas — the provider of current and future of GPS technologies to all the big players. You can also listen to my interview with Nicole Carrier about job opportunities at TeleAtlas and the GPS field in general.]

We’ve all seen the current generation of in-car GPS systems. They’re helpful in getting from A to B, but there’s much more to life than just a straight line. That’s where a New Hampshire company comes in. They’re providing the newest and best technology to all of the major players in the GPS business

Tele Atlas provides the type of content the next generation Global Positioning Systems are starting to deliver. Everyone from Google through Garmin and TomTom uses their data regarding points of interest, the exact position of roadways and even street-level photographs to help these vendors take navigation to the next level.

What’s Coming?

New technology devices such as 3D, more dynamic content, POIs (points of interest), more bluetooth features and camera-ready devices.

TeleAtlas has Mobile Mapping Van technology which is capturing powerful data for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), which brings new capabilities/functionality.

Jonathon Husby – A biography

As VP of Automotive, Telematics & Transportation for Tele Atlas, Jon Husby manages business development and customer engineering activities with infotainment system vendors for traditional OEM business and installed aftermarket systems, and oversees activities in the commercial fleet/logistics segment. He joined Tele Atlas in 2003 as senior sales manager for navigation.

Prior to Tele Atlas, Husby established nearly a decade of sales and managerial experience at DENSO Corporation. Husby earned a B.A. in economics and management from Albion College and his M.B.A. in finance and international business from Wayne State University.

Tele Atlas delivers the digital maps and dynamic content that power some of the world’s most essential navigation and location-based services (LBS). The information is the foundation for a wide range of personal and in-car navigationsystems and mobile and Internet map applications that help users find the people, places, products, and services they need, wherever they are.

The company also works with business partners who trust its digital map data to deliver critical applications for emergency, business, fleet, and infrastructure services. Through a combination of its own products and partnerships, Tele Atlas offers digital map coverage of more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

The company was founded in 1984 and today has approximately 2,500 full-time staff and contract cartographers at offices in 24 countries and uses a sophisticated network of professional drivers, mobile mapping vans, and more than 50,000 data resources to deliver highly accurate and up-to-date digital maps.


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