“Going Green” is Colliding with “Going Global”

Dr. Bruce Piasecki the Author of the book World Inc. joins Craig to speak about how going green is colliding with going global to leave all forward-thinking economic leaders a crucial decision to face.

Either see business leadership as social leadership and prosper

Risk decline and defeat in the global marketplace.

In the next 25 years, the world will increasingly look to corporations instead of governments to solve its major social problems; among them, global warming, energy diversification, and nature conservation.


Growing Influence: Fifty-one of the world’s top 100 economies are now corporations, and more than 40% of world trade now takes place within multinationals. As power and influence move into the hands of corporations, the world is looking to business instead of government to solve its problems. The corporations that can best address social issues by creating superior products will thrive and profit in this new world.

A trend has started (and is tipping now) where top corporations are not just competing on price and quality, but competing on “Social Response.” In other words, their products have a PROFITABLE ADVANTAGE if it has an element of social responsibility built in, they will thrive and naturally win in a capitalistic environment (this is Social Response Capitalism).

o For the last decade Corporations like Toyota (Hybrid) and BP (alternative fuels) have been developing technologies that are superior in social response, they are now thriving. Other corporations must catch up or be left behind.
o Fact: Most green house gases emitted into the atmosphere are from HOMES not CARS. LP has designed new building material called Tech Shield to better insulate homes and reduce CO2 emissions.

World Inc. Social Branding is the definitive major business opportunity for corporations and investors, by linking environmental and social performance to products.

Many corporations are already in the lead in this area, many are catching on, many are being left behind. As companies recognize this, and invest more and more money toward socially responsible technology and practices, Global Warming can be solved through the sheer competition of World Capitalism.

Consumers can speed this process simply by being aware, and choosing to buy products from socially responsible companies.

Bruce Piasecki is the author of five previous seminal books on business strategy, valuation, and corporate change, including the Nature Society’s book of the year, In Search of Environmental Excellence: Moving Beyond Blame (to be re-released in April 2008 by Hampton Roads Publishing Company). His business articles have appeared in the Los Angeles TimesBaltimore SunTechnology Review, and Christian Science Monitor.

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