Greenpeace and Apple Duke it Out Over Who’s Greener – Get Real!

Apple’s about as green as a Hummer, or at least that’s what Greenpeace would like you to think. According to an Associated Press article, Apple is the worst computer manufacturer when it comes to its green index. As though this means anything.

Hummers have long been bashed because of their non-green image. According to experts, the Prius is even worse than the Hummer when it comes to true environmental damage. The Recorder has quite an article about the whole issue, too.

So what’s the truth about Apple Computers? According to Apple, it’s not what Greenpeace is pushing — and considering the track record of those screaming about being green, I tend to believe Apple.

This non-story turns out to be just another ploy to distract the World from the real problem. We have far too many special interest groups screaming to try and get attention from the public and funding from government.

Let the special interests and government get out of the way, and let the people use our money, our intelligence and our businesses to build a better mousetrap. Everyone cares about the environment. Let’s all work together to solve these problems — don’t force people to follow your way.

When it comes to Apple and the Environment, I can’t think of any companies who truly care about the world and its environment more than Apple. Get over it.

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