Handling and Analyzing Corporate Data is Easier and Faster Thanks to New Integrated Technology

Storing large amounts of data and retrieving it requires a special analytical skill — and specialized hardware. Justin Lindsey, CTO Netezza shared his views on storing and retrieving of data with me this past week. Listen Here

  • Businesses have many options for storing data, ranging from small computer servers to large data warehouses.
  • In most cases, choosing the correct option depends on what the business wants to do with the stored data, for example, simply restore it at a later time or analyze it for competitive advantage.
  • If businesses want to be able to access and analyze stored information, they should take a look at data warehouse and analytic appliances, which provide business intelligence software layered onto high-capacity storage devices.
  • With data warehouse appliances, such as Netezza’s Netezza Performance Server system, companies are able to store data and then analyze large volumes of information in a matter of seconds.
  • Leveraging large volumes of data allows businesses to better serve their customers. For example, retailers can analyze large volumes of data to know which items sell most quickly and where to place them on the shelf. As another example, telecommunications companies can run queries on millions of call detail records to better price their offerings. Also, grocers can analyze the buying patterns of consumers and provide them with coupons at the check out area for items they’ll likely want to buy during a future visit.
  • In the coming years, data volumes are poised to continue to grow exponentially, so businesses really need to tackle this problem sooner rather than later. As companies begin to leverage data more effectively, the analysis of such data will become increasingly important in staying ahead of the competition.

Justin Lindsey – A biography

Justin Lindsey is the chief technology officer of Framingham, Mass.-based Netezza. He is responsible for overall product direction and spearheads the Netezza Developer Network. Prior to Netezza, Lindsey served as the Deputy CIO and CTO at the United States Department of Justice, and prior to that was the CTO of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Lindsey holds a Computer Science and Engineering degree from MIT.

Netezza is the global leader in analytic appliances that dramatically simplify high-performance analytics for business users across the extended enterprise. Its product, the Netezza Performance Server (NPS) system, integrates database, server, and storage into a single compact and power-efficient unit. Companies use the NPS appliance to store and quickly analyze terabytes of data so they are able to make the best business decisions possible. Netezza has over 100 enterprise customers, including Amazon.com, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Department of Veterans Affairs, Helzberg Diamonds, Neiman MarcusThe Sherwin-Williams Company, and Virgin Media.


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