In Memoriam: 3 Technology Legends Die

It’s been a bad week for historic figures in the technology arena.  Most people, of course, know that Steve Jobs died.  He was able to transform the way we work and play more than any other modern figure.  RIP Steve.

Former Motorola CEO, Robert Galvin also died this week.  He was the man instrumental in the transformation of Motorola from a company who made police and business radio systems into the founder of the Cell Phone industry.  He made Motorola a household name for more than a decade.  RIP Robert.

Also dead this week is Dennis Ritchie.  This is a man who had a greater impact on all of our lives than Robert Galvin or Steve Jobs combined.  Dennis Ritchie was co-inventor of the UNIX Operating system and the inventor of the C Programming Language.  Dennis’s inventions went on to become the basis of all of Apple’s current products, Google’s Android (and all of Google’s servers), and just about ever other smart device you can think of — including Televisions and most automobiles.  Even Linux is written in C and is based upon UNIX.  RIP Dennis.

As I said, a sad week when you have so many deaths of so many great founders of our current technologies.