China’s New Offensive Weapon

This Armored Truck Deploys Swarms Of Autonomous Armed Drones and Can Control Them To Attack A Single Target

China's New Offensive Weapon Transcript

Now, we know who China is, I don’t know, I would call them an enemy. 

Frankly, you know, we buy a lot of stuff from them. Are they not even a frenemy?

I think they really are an enemy. 

The reason I think this is because they are stealing our intellectual property. 

They are forcing U.S. companies that want to manufacture in China to not only share their intellectual property but give them control over it.  I am sorry, but that is absolutely, crazy. 

And now we see they are using some of the stolen U.S. technology, as are the Russians.  The whole social media vote project is just shocking.  Now they have the technology thanks to us, and they stole from us to destroy our carriers. 

It was for our supersonic missiles. They got it from us. Thank you very much, Federal Government. It reminds me of the days when Bill Clinton, do you remember when he sold our missile secrets to China.  He gave them the ability to make ICBMs or intercontinental ballistic missiles. And he did it saying they we were going to have China launch missiles for us. Yeah, that worked out really, well, didn’t it? 

So now they have the technology to send missiles our way. Thank you very much. 

Then we had another Clinton, right. Mrs. Clinton when she was Secretary of State.  What she did was give the Russian some of our top secret military technology. It’s astounding. So, with China and Russia, we have got to be very, very careful. 

We are not that aggressive. We certainly have been aggressive at times in the past. We’ve sent in troops to countries. Obama had troops in I think it was 80 some odd countries. 

President Trump has pulled that back a little bit. But China, they’re not our friend. Okay, so that’s the bottom line. 

Let’s look at this new truck. There’s a picture up on my website at Craig It is a truck that is using technology built by China. Technology licensed from Russia. It’s an armored war machine. 

Well, you say so what, Craig. You know, we have Humvees that, and obviously, the Chinese do know how to armor vehicle? 

Well, you know, it is not that unique, frankly. So I am not that worried about it. But here is the problem. This particular armored war machine that has just come out, and China has been bragging about this. The company that made it was bragging about it. Remember that the state controls all companies in China, it is a socialist country, Big time. Everybody, there is working for the military, the People’s Liberation Army. So keep all of that in mind. But this company, anyways, revealed what it was. It’s called a YJ2080. And it has 12 launch tubes. Now,  what is very interesting about these launch tubes is that four of them are being used to deploy reconnaissance drones. Now, we are looking at that too. 

Right now, our military is looking at making flying drones that will go along with our jet fighters and will act as a wingman.   But, let’s say an enemy has a missile coming for our jet.  We can deploy one of these drones, and it will move into the way, and it will launch missiles and even lock on a tone.  It can do a whole bunch of stuff. We are looking forward to that, right. 

These are smaller reconnaissance drones that are not very big. They don’t have to go fast. But they can go 110 miles an hour. So you get the reconnaissance drones up. Okay, that makes sense. We use reconnaissance drones, with our Humvees and with our buffaloes and other equipment out in the field, right? 

Well, that’s four of the 12 of these tubes, launch tubes. The other eight are for explosive-laden drones. And the idea behind this vehicle, according to the manufacturer, is to eliminate targets beyond the traditional line of sight and kill from above with four-pound bombs. Now, if you have a bomb dropped on your head, you only need just something the size of a quarter to kill you. And these are four pound bombs very, very big for taking out individuals. It is absolutely, crazy here. 

I found this in a report from Popular Mechanics. 

It’s been reported over in the U.K., as well. Not a lot of coverage here in the U.S., 

These drones are designed to have the armored vehicle act as its control center. It’s about the size of a Humvee. And it can search for and destroy its targets.

They have also fitted these drones and the pilotless aircraft with AK47 rifles, of course, Those are the fully automatic, not the SKS’s, which are the semi-automatic rifle. And they are already being exported to combat zones in the Middle East. Now think about that for a minute. We have been up against Russians over there. We have fought with Russians over there in the middle east recently in Syria. We have killed Russian operatives, mercenaries over in Syria. So are we going to come up against this? And think about the number one company here in the U.S. for drums. It’s D.J., are you familiar with them, I have a got DJI little hand rig that holds my phone and allows me to stabilize shots. But DJI sells, I think, it’s about 80% of the consumer drones here in the U.S. Where do they have them made?  In China. Remember, anything manufactured in China is under the supervision of the socialist military government over there.


So this is a bad case here we’ve got the technology that we’ve developed, and DJI is using.  Being made and moved up to the next step of putting rifles on them or four-pound bombs on them. They’ve got this thing called A.R. blowfish auto-drone that China’s exporting internationally, right now. And it’s been advertised as being capable of full autonomy up to targeted strikes. It can autonomously conduct complex combat missions, including fixed-point timing detection, and fixed range reconnaissance and targeted precision strikes. Now, remember, something like this will fit inside your check-in luggage? Yeah, check-in luggage at the airport, this is not big. I’m not saying that people are going to be able to get them onto airplanes coming to the U.S. Maybe they will maybe they won’t. But if these things are small, and think about what happened in Venezuela, where there was a bomb that went off on a drone right by their President. 

Drones are dangerous, and they’re getting very dangerous. When you have something like this, Well, how hard would it be to take out Ferdinand right? Think about the start of World War One. What happened there?

They are selling these internationally. How hard would it be to get one into the U.S. It could be a terrorist organization. Take out a few people. If you were to ask me, I think this is likely, frankly. 

So be very careful. This whole approach that we’re seeing is really entirely consistent with the Chinese and the Chinese military circles. 

They don’t want a big hot war, but they are not against just kind of going after us, right. 

The easy way.