Fifty to One Hundred Percent Improvement in Gas Mileage With New Innovation

Visionary Vehicles‘ flow from an unobstructed sense of clarity and urgency regarding the critical challenges and unmet opportunities in the North American Auto market.

Malcom Bricklin began Visionary vehicles to design automotive products that resonate with consumers while meeting the growing consumer demand for a full range of hybrid vehicles. They are able to deliver performance and amenities normally reserved for high line vehicles at affordable prices that allow them to appeal to a wide range of consumers.

He believes that PHEVs (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles) are the future of Green   Technology and where the research and development of the auto industry should be focusing.  However, that being said there is a delay in this technology due to insufficient battery technology and manufacturing capabilities.  So what is the stop gap solution?  Hydrogen fuel-injection systems.  This technology will increase gas mileage and create cleaner exhaust output.  This technology is readily installed on new cars as well as used cars and will assist the auto industry  in business and people employed.  These systems have been retooled in professional high-profile labs and are not the internet kits that are plagued with problems.

Malcolm’s Bio:

Malcolm Bricklin is recognized as one of the automobile industry’s leading entrepreneurs, innovators and visionaries. He was the founder and Chief Executive of Subaru of America, Bricklin Vehicle Corporation, International Automobile Importers, Yugo America and now Visionary Vehicles. He has 40 years of experience in designing, engineering, manufacturing, remanufacturing, importing and marketing automobiles. Mr. Bricklin is known throughout the industry as one of the most original and imaginative automobile executives in history.

In 1968 he founded Subaru of America, Inc. During the 1970s, Mr. Bricklin founded Bricklin Motors and produced the world’s first “safety sports car,” the Bricklin SV1, which was well designed, easy-to-drive, and decades ahead of its time in terms of driver safety. In the 1980s, he formed Yugo America, Inc. With 160,000 vehicles sold during its launch phase, the Yugo quickly became the fastest selling European import in automotive history.

Today, Mr. Bricklin, fulfilling his lifelong commitment to improving the environment through innovative fuel efficient vehicles, has set his sites on delivering the first full line of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) to consumers. His innovative strategy will be the catalyst to jump start the hybrid and electric industry and transform the automobile industry as we know it.

With the growing threat of global warming and a need for the reduction, if not the elimination of automobile emissions, there is an urgent need to place new technologies within reach of the general public and to deliver these innovations without sacrificing high performance, safety or luxury.

Visionary Vehicles is an international automobile company on a mission to bring an exciting new brand of environmentally friendly, aggressively priced, beautifully styled, high-quality vehicles into North America. Visionary Vehicles will also introduce a new retail experience for its consumers, by developing destination locations to make available the very latest hybrid products and in the process it will create a revolutionary new consumer-friendly environment for its retailing facilities.

Visionary Vehicles:

Visionary Vehicles’ innovative strategies, alliances, and plans are rooted in common sense (common sense seems to be quite uncommon in the automobile business these days). They flow from an unobstructed sense of clarity and urgency regarding the critical challenges and unmet opportunities that North America faces today —- specifically, the automotive industry and its impact on the environment and the economy.

Founded by legendary automotive entrepreneur, Malcolm Bricklin, Visionary Vehicles is new and original, yet rich in relevant expertise and experience. It can research, innovate and implement without a vested interest in a particular legacy or direction. The most powerful example of this is the commitment Visionary Vehicles has made to deliver the first full… line of Plug-In Electric Hybrid Vehicles (PHEVs) to market by 2010.

· First, we believe that recent technological advances make it possible to manufacture batteries with sufficient power and range at an acceptable cost.

· Second, taking advantage of low-cost manufacturing will make this advanced, environmentally friendly technology accessible to a mass market in North America.

· Third, in addition to the incentive provided by the fuel and emissions advantages, the expected pricing advantage is intended to encourage consumers to consider a new and untested brand.

· Fourth, by contracting with existing manufacturers with facilities in place and experience in manufacturing, we expect to substantially reduce the time required to bring models to market and thus expect to     gain a first-mover advantage relative to legacy manufacturers and to have the opportunity to firmly establish our brand.

· Fifth, we do not have to invest in manufacturing facilities; ample funding is available, especially for those companies able to provide environmental benefits through the development and adaptation of advanced technologies

Malcolm Bricklin has engaged his team of automotive and technology experts in an objective, “no fault” formulation to determine the best way:

To design products that resonate exceptionally well with consumers, while meeting the growing consumer demand for a full range of hybrid vehicles, able to deliver performance and amenities normally reserved for highline vehicles, yet at prices affordable to a wide range of consumers.

To drive the establishment of a new PHEV industry within the automobile sector in order to address, not add to our environmental concerns, while decreasing our dependence on foreign oil.

Establish an organization and processes that profitably satisfies consumers, while positioning our Visionary Vehicles’ dealer partners far beyond a conventional dealership by making them the retail centers of choice for virtually every future hybrid transportation innovation


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