Last Weekend’s Show on Air and Space Travel

We had a fun show this past weekend talking about innovations with the Air Travel and Consumer Space Travel industries.  This show was a follow-up to the big fly-in in Oshkosh Wisconsin which happened around the beginning of August.  This fly-in is absolutely amazing and is something I plan on attending on-of-these-years(tm) real-soon(tm).

Anyhow, we were able to find out about space exploration by private citizens, tourists, who will be able to experience weightlessness in space for a few minutes and see the true curvature of the earth.  Very cool, even if you don’t have the $100,000 it’ll take to grab one of these first seats.

This past weekend’s we talked about:

  • Airline Industry Software Systems with Siva Vajjhala, the Head of the Travel and Transportation Industry Group at
  • Making Airline Travel Simpler with Chris Lopinto, the Co-Founder and President of This is the site to go to if you want to be able to get absolutely great deals on airline travels.  The site provides you with all of the inside information and background about each seat available on an airplane.  You could end up getting a business class seat and only paying for coach.
  • Mobile Check-In for Airlines with Tania Ladic, the VP of Industry Marketing at NCR has systems in airports now that allow you to go through security and check-in only using your cell phone.  It doesn’t get much easier than this.
  • We spoke for 1/2 an hour about Commercial Aviation with Seth Kaplan, the Managing Partner at
  • If you’ve ever wondered about traveling in space, this is the interview for you.  We spoke about Space Tourism with Jules Klar, the Chairman and CEO  over at
  • Do you know someone who can’t travel via airplane because they need supplemental oxygen, and can’t be certain they’ll have enough oxygen to survive the inevitable delays?  We spoke about Avation Medicine with Dr. Brent Blue, the Founder of