Quick Recharge Batteries for Cars

Current Automotive batteries take hours to recharge an don’t last. They were great in the 1940’s, but just don’t cut it for our newer, more battery intensive automotive applications. I interviewed Alan J. Gotcher Ph.D, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the leader in a whole new standard for rechargeable batteries. [Listen Here to the Interview]

Altairnano, Inc., the leaders in innovative battery technology, have created a rechargeable, nano-titanate battery system that provides fundamental advantages over existing, traditional lithium ion batteries. With a very fast charge, long life, high power, an extremely wide operating temperature range, and inherently safe, Altair’s lithium titanate batteries are cost effective with prices similar to that of other rechargeable batteries.

  • Altair’s lithium titanate batteries are rechargeable in a few minutes, versus hours required for other rechargeable batteries.
  • Altairnano’s batteries do not explode or exhibit thermal runaway. These thermally stable batteries are well suited for hostile environments.
  • Altairnano batteries can operate at temperatures as low as –50°C and as high as +75°C, with no unsafe characteristics
  • With instantaneous power even at very cold temperatures, Altair’s lithium titanate batteries deliver power per unit weight and unit volume several times that of conventional lithium ion batteries. Altairnano laboratory measurements indicate power density as high as 4000 W/Kg and over 5000W/litre.

Phoenix MotorcarsLightning Car CompanyMicro-Vett and many others are leveraging this technology.

Here is the comparison:

Phoenix Electric SUV/SUT 2007 Cadillac Escalade
480 lbs. Torque 417 lbs. Torque
0-60 Less than 10 Seconds 0-60 Less than 7 Seconds
275 Horsepower 403 Horsepower
130 Miles to a Charge (Expansion pack Available 250 mi.) 17 Miles to the Gallon

Alan J. Gotcher Ph.D
President and Chief Executive Officer

Alan J. Gothcher – A biography

Dr. Gotcher was appointed CEO in August, 2004 and President in March 2005. Previously, Dr. Gotcher was Chairman and CEO of Nevada-based InDelible Technologies, Inc., and prior to that he spent fourteen years with Avery Dennison, a well known public company in Pasadena, California. While at Avery Dennison, Dr. Gotcher served as Senior Vice president, Manufacturing & Technology, and Chief Technology Officer. During his tenure Dr. Gotcher led Avery’s teams that created and commercialized the Duracell On-Cell tester battery label and pressure sensitive battery labels, which created new business sales in excess of $100 million per year, and the United States Postal Service’s self-stick stamp products which created new sales of approximately $100 million per year. Prior to joining Avery Dennison, Dr. Gotcher was Laboratory Director, U.S. Corporate Research and Development, with Menlo Park, California-based Raychem Corporation where he lead the business development teams that created, developed and commercialized the profitable, conductive polymer-based PolySwitch® over-current protection device business

Altairnano is an innovator and manufacturer of advanced novel, ceramic nanomaterials which are used in products that exhibit ground-breaking performance. Altairnano’s products address a diverse range of high-growth energy, pharmaceutical, and industrial applications. Working with leading market partners in their respective industries, Altairnano licenses or manufactures superior products. Rapid commercial successes are achieved through Altairnano’s tightly integrated and dedicated teams of product development, scientists, management, production, marketing, and sales people.


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