Mercedes and Chrysler rollout a Telematics Solution in 2009

HUGHES Telematics will begin rollout of its telematics solution in 2009 and will ramp up to 100% of new vehicles over the course of the next few years. Initial rollout their services with their automotive partners, Mercedes and Chrysler, will leverage a safety and security platform upon which we will build more connected services.

The hardware in the vehicle opens the door for revolutionary new technologies services to be introduced such as voice-based email, vehicle control from an iPhone, real-time diagnostics and remote emissions inspections provide real benefits for the consumer.

Similar to cell phone application stores, HUGHES Telematics will provide drivers with the ability to add applications, content, functionality and services to their vehicles. These services may include traffic management tools, customized weather notices, social networking applications and other location based services instead of simply relying on product planners to predict what will be current in three years, five years, ten years.

In the near future drivers will have access to “virtual accessories” Hughes Telematics will provide drivers with the opportunity to purchase connected accessories such as navigation, satellite radio and Bluetooth at any time after purchasing the car. These accessories come built in to every car, and the drivers can choose how and when to activate such as for a one time use, one month, or lifetime.  This technology will do for the vehicle what USB did for the computer. Hughes Telematics is the first in the industry to achieve Next Generation Telematics Architecture, which is both flexible and open, allowing the ability to add services, content providers and applications long after the purchase of the vehicle.  This means that they are able to future-proof tomorrow’s cars with a combination of connectivity to the vehicle and their Next Generation Telematics Architecture gives them the ability to continually update the vehicle’s capabilities protect obsolescence as future services are introduced.

One of the core values of Hughes Telematics is simplicity.  The technology leverages natural voice recognition allowing drivers to speak naturally in their own words to activate services.  This eliminates the need to memorize key words and is as simple as having a conversation.

HUGHES Telematics is a tier-one supplier to Chrysler and Mercedes and will be launching “connected car” service with both companies in calendar year 2009.  While the initial service will be focused on safety and security, the company has developed an industry-first auto communications platform that includes:

About Eric:

Erik Goldman is President of HUGHES Telematics, a telematics service company that is majority owned by Apollo Management, one of the world’s largest private equity firms. He has served in this position since the company’s inception in 2006.

Prior to joining HUGHES Telematics, Goldman spent nearly 25 years in varied engineering, operations and businessdevelopment roles in the telecom and telematics industries. Most recently, Goldman served as Vice President of SkyTerra Communications, where his responsibilities included acquisition, development and corporate oversight of the organization’s portfolio companies in the wireless and satellite services industry.

Prior to SkyTerra, Goldman served in leadership roles developing military communications networks with Raytheon and Mitre Corporation, commercial mobile wireless businesses with dbX Corporation, a holding company established to invest in, develop and operate new businesses in the telecom, paging and satellite communications industry and most recently was with Leo One Worldwide where as Vice President of Technology & Strategic Development he led the development of a global Telematics solution for the automotive industry.

Goldman earned his MBA from the University of Michigan, a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois. He has written numerous white papers, and has published in the International Journal of Satellite Communications. In addition, he has held a number of government security clearances including Top Secret and holds a U.S. Patent, with several others pending.

About Hughes Telematics:

They are delivering the next generation of vehicle information-based technologies and services – today. Their patented systems allow complete connectivity to any make or model vehicle, but that is just the beginning. What really differentiates them from other companies is their broad portfolio of services. Each designed to significantly improve vehicle and customer relationship management potential while greatly reducing costs. Whether in the business of automotive manufacturing, dealer operations, fleet management or affiliated services such as insurance or car rental, we can help map out the fastest road to greater efficiency and revenue. They will also demonstrate solutions never thought practical.


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