New Rear-View Mirror Navigation System Safest Ever

Asentek set out to provide consumers with a high quality, innovative navigation system that provides safety and ties seamlessly into the interior of any car”, says Pete Muller, VP of Marketing by providing the latest innovation for in-car navigation with their SmartMirror powered with Navigon navigation software.

The SmartMirror is an OEM grade rearview mirror replacement that has touch screen navigation built-in, that runs on a Samsung 400MHZ processor and Windows CE.NET 4.2. It is an alternative to suction GPS and has GPS navigation, Bluetooth wireless calling and microphone built sturdy right into the rearview mirror. additionally there is also an optional rearview camera that displays rear images to the SmatMirrors touch screen whenever a vehicle is put in reverse.

The advantage of having your navigation directly and permanently mounted in an expected location on the windshield enables drivers to keep their eyes on the road as they glance at their route display.  With both 2D and 3D routes as well as complete verbal turn by turn driving directions drivers can keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. This latest technology was released in October 2008 and is available for $799.00 at local car dealerships across the US, Europe and Australia.

About Azentek:

Founded in 2002, Azentek is an OEM of innovative in-vehicle computer systems for both the consumer and commercial markets as well as GPS tracking. The first product to launch in 2008 is the Azentek SmartMirror navigation system, which launched with record sales. After spending several years in the development and testing phases, Azentek’s revolutionary in dash PC product line will be ready to ship in 2009. Each product in the line includes features never-before seen from any mobile electronics manufacturer.

Delivering on our mission to become a leading supplier of innovative mobile technologies, Azentek strives to provide value-added design through combining extensive research and development with quality customer support.

Azentek is a privately held American-owned company headquartered in Grand Blanc, Michigan with partners throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. With a total commitment to the development of innovative technology, we have established strategic alliances with numerous world-renowned corporations including Microsoft, Intel, General Motors, and Ford. Using the combined resources of our partners in addition to our in-house engineering team, Azentek is poised to always remain ahead of the competition.

About Pete Muller:

Pete Muller, VP Sales & Marketing – Joined Azentek in 2007.  Mr. Muller has spent nearly 15 years working in the mobile electronics industry.  Most recently, he was with Dual Electronics, a start-up manufacturer focusing on the aftermarket segment of the mobile electronics industry.  During his tenure at Dual, Mr. Muller helped to establish a network of more than 600 dealers across the country and grow sales to over $100,000,000 by its 3rd year in business.  It is this same network of dealers that will be used as the conduit to get our products to market.

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