Niche Social Networking Targets Specific Segments

Niche social networking sites that target specific segments of people have made it simpler for people to meet others that share common interests.  This results in people building relationships on a common ground and having plenty to talk about. When relationships start online, people are able to better express themselves and communicate without showing nerves.  These sites allow you to get to know someone by communicating through technology first, making any follow-up in-person meetings much more fluid and less awkward.

Technology has given people more ways to contact their friends, family and colleagues than ever before.  Social networking sites, like, Facebook and MySpace, have made it much easier for friends, family and significant others to stay in touch no matter the distance between them.  These sites allow your friends and family to keep up with what’s happening in your life, even if you’re too busy to write daily emails or make phone calls because they can watch your progress online, look at your photos and get status updates.

These sites have also vastly drastically changed how people spread information that’s important to them.  For instance, a funny user-generated video can be viewed by millions of people in a matter of days thanks to social networking sites.

Mobile platforms for social networks have enabled people to keep in touch with their online friends anytime no matter where they are.  This means that they can continually advance relationships without being tethered to their computer.

This technology is especially important for teens have especially been affected by web-based communications technologies.  More and more relationships in the teen demographic – both those on a friend and on a romantic level – are starting online and evolving from there to text messages, emails, phone calls and eventually in-person meetings.

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