Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles — The Next automobile revolution?

Visionary Vehicles will be the first new car company of the 21st century to offer a full line of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles(PHEV) to consumers in large volumes.

Automakers in Detroit this year have spent a great deal of time showcasing hybrid vehicle additions to all of their lines. It is clear that the automotive industry is moving toward alternative fuel powertrains. In the next 10 years it will be absolutely intolerable for every car company to not have plug-in hybrid electric vehicles or pure electric vehicles in their showrooms. As these new cars are manufactured, we need to keep in mind that they need to be easily accessible to the general population. The economics of manufacturing plug-in hybrids and pure electrics must change so that the Americanmiddle class and below can afford to purchase these types of vehicles.

Adaptability of components is going to be key. Technological developments are going to happen at a rapid pace, and it is going to be necessary for all automakers to be able to adapt to these changes. In teaming with our battery supplier, we searched for a company who developed not only the best battery parts, but also developed a battery infrastructure that will enable us to constantly update our batteries with the most current technology. This allows us to be excited about all new developments, rather than put everything into one type of battery and fear new developments.

It is incredibly difficult to find safe components at a price that is affordable. Visionary Vehicles has spent the last 14 months searching for partners to create joint ventures with, to supply safe components at a price which allows us to sell cars at low prices. By developing an open-sourcing business model, we are transforming the industry to provide an avenue for all companies who seek to develop plug-in hybrids or pure electric vehicles to purchase these components at the lowest possible prices. This will also allow companies who only seek to develop a few thousand cars still get the best possible prices and sell their cars at prices which the average person can afford.

Weight of components in plug-in hybrids and pure electrics is probably one of the most important aspects of these cars. It is also a huge factor in their high prices. For instance the Chinese company BYD is using a battery pack that weighs more than 400 pounds. On the other hand, the battery pack we will be using weighs less than 200 pounds. The heavier the components, the more the price is driven up.

In terms of the US Auto Market, it is going to be interesting to see how the large companies such as GM and Toyota showcase these cars. These companies have all of their money and time invested in traditionally combustible engines. By displaying the Volt, for instance, next to Malibu, dealers will have to be able to go back and forth from volts and amps to traditional RPM’s and engines. And, since the price of a plug-in is going to be higher than a traditional car, the average American is going to really have to believe in the product to make the financial decision to spend the extra money. On the other hand, the Visionary Vehicles Electric Outlet will showcase only plug-in hybrid and electric cars. Therefore, all companies who buy our components will gain the use of our manufacturing facilities and our dealer network.

Malcom Bricklin

Malcom Bricklin – A biography

Vision – Strategy – Determination – These are the qualities that have characterized the leading innovators of our time – the Henry Fords, Howard Hughes’s and Andrew Carnegies who have built industrial empires from the kernel of an idea. Auto industry pioneer Malcolm Bricklin has the vision, wisdom and determination to stand among these giants, and he possesses a healthy dose of charisma, too. Bricklin’s newest venture, Visionary Vehicles, is now planning a luxury plug-in electric vehicle capable of achieving more then 100 miles per gallon.

Visionary Vehicles is only the latest milestone on the road of auto-industry innovation – a road that Bricklin helped to pave.

Malcolm Bricklin is recognized as one of the automobile industry‘s leading entrepreneurs, innovators and visionaries. He was the founder and Chief Executive of Subaru of America, Bricklin Vehicle Corporation, International Automobile Importers, Yugo America and now Visionary Vehicles. He has 40 years of experience in designing, engineering, manufacturing, remanufacturing, importing and marketing automobiles. Mr. Bricklin is known throughout the industry as one of the most original and imaginative automobile executives in history.

In 1968 he founded Subaru of America, Inc. During the 1970s, Mr. Bricklin founded Bricklin Motors and produced the world’s first “safety sports car,” the Bricklin SV1, which was well designed, easy-to-drive, and decades ahead of its time in terms of driver safety. In the 1980s, he formed Yugo America, Inc. With 160,000 vehicles sold during its launch phase, the Yugo quickly became the fastest selling European import in automotive history.

Today, Mr. Bricklin, fulfilling his lifelong commitment to improving the environment through innovative fuel efficient vehicles, has set his sites on delivering the first full line of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) to consumers. His innovative strategy will be the catalyst to jump start the hybrid and electric industry and transform the automobile industry as we know it.

With the growing threat of global warming and a need for the reduction, if not the elimination of automobile emissions, there is an urgent need to place new technologies within reach of the general public and to deliver these innovations without sacrificing high performance, safety or luxury.

Visionary Vehicles is an international automobile company on a mission to bring an exciting new brand of environmentally friendly, aggressively priced, beautifully styled, high-quality vehicles into North America. Visionary Vehicles will also introduce a new retail experience for its consumers, by developing destination locations to make available the very latest hybrid products and in the process it will create a revolutionary new consumer-friendly environment for its retailing facilities.

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