SaaS Software to help small business entrepreneurs

Market intelligence firm IDC predicts that while worldwide IT spending will grow by 6.6% in 2007, small to medium-sized business (SMB) IT spending will grow by 8.4% In this same time period, SMBs will represent between 50% and 70% of the potential market for IT vendors. IDC also sees an upward trend in 2007 towards increased selling of SaaS products to SMBs.

According to government statistics, there are over 24 million businesses in the United States with fewer than 500 employees and they are the back bone of American economy. Most of the small business owners doesn’t have a website and don’t have the knowledge of how to market their products and services.

As more and more consumers turn to the internet to find products and services, these small business owners are faced with lot of challenges – online marketing, web presence, advertisement, yellow directories, global reaches, e-commerce, market survey, etc.

In order to meet these business challenges, John Wall’s Innuity has come up a good solution exclusively for small business owners. Innuity offers Software as a Service (SaaS) platform – which designs, acquires and integrates software applications to deliver solutions for small business.

A disparity exists, however, between consumer practice and small business response. While nearly 75% of U.S. consumers use the Internet as a source when shopping for goods and services, less than 10% of advertising dollars are spent online, and fully half of all small businesses don’t even have a website.

Innuity is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that designs and integrates applications to deliver solutions specifically targeted to small businesses from sole proprietors working from home, to local family doctors, to neighborhood restaurants, and almost everything in between.

The company’s Internet technology is based on an affordable, on-demand model that allows small businesses to interact simply with customers, business partners and vendors and efficiently manage their business. Using Innuity’s on-demand applications, small businesses can grow their revenues, reach and serve customers and run everyday operations.

Innuity currently has two operating divisions, Promotion and Commerce, each of which is focused on a critical business process. The applications and solutions offered by the Promotion division help small businesses market and promote their products and services, while the offerings of the Commerce division can facilitate and improve a small business’ selling processes and transaction processing capabilities.

Innuity delivers its small business information system solutions through its Internet technology platform – Innuity Velocity. The Velocity platform provides small businesses the opportunity to choose applications that are right for their businesses – individually or as an integrated package – with minimum initial start-up costs and maintenance.

With Innuity’s use-based pricing, small businesses pay a monthly subscription fee for the applications or integrated packages that address three major small business life stages: Getting started, growth and profitability.

For years, many small business owners spent much of their advertising dollars on traditional media such as yellow page listings or print advertising in local newspapers. (Some small businesses even choosing outrageous names for the sole purpose of getting ahead of the competition in alphabetic listings.) In the online marketplace, small businesses often lag behind local competition and the bigger e-tailers due to lack of computer know-how and an inability to adapt their messaging and optimize potential to be seen by new customers.

There are dozens of ways for small businesses to distinguish themselves and be seen by online consumers from targeted online advertising campaigns to enhanced search engine optimization.

With Innuity’s LeadConnect, businesses can be found quickly and easily by online consumers searching for applicable local goods and services. The LeadConnect service provides a simple-to-use system to gather key business data from business owners and distribute that information to the major local search engines and yellow page directories, including Google, Yahoo, and MSN, and twenty-seven more.

Innuity’s Promotion division connects businesses with customers who are most likely to buy their particular products and services – helping generate new customers as well as grow existing customer revenue. The division currently includes two business lines: Small Business Online Marketing & Search Engine Marketing.

The Small Business Online Marketing business line provides affordable solutions that comprehensively and immediately promote small businesses online and rapidly build strong customer bases.

With Innuity’s online marketing solutions, current and new customers of small businesses can find small businesses online quickly and easily via local search results and pay-per-click ads; learn about small businesses’ product and service offerings via clear, compelling and easy-to-navigate websites; and purchase a merchant’s products and services online, with ease and efficiency. Small Business Online Marketing features the following core products:

LeadConnect™: Drives top local search rankings for Innuity’s customers in the major search engines. Develops enhanced online local business profiles, places customized business profiles in one centralized location and automatically distributes these business profiles to major search engines and yellow page directories including Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, Citysearch, YP Guides and

Business Websites: Design, implementation and delivery of websites to effectively market small businesses online, provide successful customer interaction and help current and prospective customers learn about the business.

eCommerce Websites: Design, implementation and delivery of websites with safe and secure online stores, and creation and maintenance of compelling online storefronts — providing a quick, thorough and efficient way to sell products online.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Identify, analyze and select high-impact keywords; buy sponsored listings, advertising space, in places such as Google for identified keywords and keyword phrases; and rapidly deliver highly qualified leads.

The Search Engine Marketing business line delivers higher-end, interactive marketing agency capabilities for businesses seeking comprehensive online marketing solutions.
 SEM offerings help businesses design and implement in-depth search engine marketing strategies; deliver and convert highly qualified leads to customers; and develop higher natural rankings on search engines for clients’ keywords, transforming keywords and websites into long-term client assets. Search Engine Marketing features the following core products:

  • Search Engine Optimization: Designed to deliver high natural search engine results (rankings) for carefully selected, high-impact keywords at a fraction of the cost for premium, paid keyword search engine placement. Continuous optimization efforts transform websites into long-term assets.
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Identify, analyze and select high-impact keywords; buy sponsored listings, advertising space, on search engines for identified keywords and keyword phrases; and quickly deliver highly qualified leads.

Innuity’s Commerce division provides the operational capability for processing, managing and supporting commerce transactions between small businesses, their online and offline customers, vendors and business partners.

The Merchant Services business line’s offerings deliver complete, end-to-end payment and processing solutions for merchants — bringing faster credit capabilities to Innuity’s customers.

Providing all the functionality and support needed to conduct bank card services, Merchant Services offers a thorough merchant solution  including merchant approval software, bank card acquiring and comprehensive merchant life cycle management products; convenient and easy-to-use payment acceptance and processing solutions that are fully functional with multiple payment acceptance methods; and seamless payment engine delivery. The Merchant Services business line delivers three principal offerings – Merchant Life Cycle Management, Bank Card Acquiring and Gateway.

Merchant Life Cycle Management (MLCM) products provide rapid merchant account application processing, real time credit scoring, board automation, contract origination, settlement data, risk management and profitability and residual management. MLCM products take merchant applications from the prospect stage through account set-up and boarding; then advance the merchant process to total terminal set-up, transaction processing and detailed daily reporting. The result is a streamlined, integrated and seamless user experience.

The Bank Card Acquiring (BCA) program provides the ability to accept retail credit cards — collecting payment from consumers’ credit cards or debit cards for goods and services sold. We have partnered with J.P. Morgan Chase &  Co., the nation’s largest merchant processing bank, to provide timely, secure and reliable payment processing capabilities and technology.

The Gateway offerings provide eCommerce, mail order, telephone order and virtual point-of-sale transaction processing. To know more about Gateway, click here.

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John Wall

John Wall – A biography

John Wall is the CEO of Innuity and is an articulate proponent of American small business as well as an online industry expert.

A well-known technology entrepreneur, John Wall founded and grew his first company, Wall Data, to a $150 million, publicly held company.  During his 17-year leadership and CEO tenure, he transformed a fledging enterprise into a connectivity powerhouse and built dominant enterprise acceptance for his RUMBA product line brand.

John founded (now renamed Innuity) in 1999 to reach out again to a vastly underserved market from a technology standpoint — small business. His vision now is to help small businesses 10x their business.
A technologist as well as company builder, John believes in the power of breakthrough technologies, strong teams, clear priorities, and dedication to exceeding customer expectations. Like other committed and long-term entrepreneurs, John is most interested in building a company that has a profound and lasting market impact.

John is a civic leader in his Seattle home town and has been chairman of the Washington Software Alliance and the Digital Blackboard Foundation, and board director for the Corporate Council for the Arts. He is currently on the visiting committee for the University of Washington’s Physics Department. John holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Northern Arizona University.