Tech Gift Interviews Available Online

  • LISTEN – Gift Giving Show intro and Comment and Review on Tech in the News. This week: What technology does your Candidate feel he/she can’t live without and Manhunt2 (BIG Warning about giving this as a gift this year) and other last minute gifts.
  • LISTEN – Show wrap-up and Comment and Review on Tech in the News. This week cell phones and computers.
  • LISTEN – Darren Ward from Planon makers of the Docupen joins Craig to discuss the docupen and how it would make a great gift for the “Road Warrior or Student in your life.
  • LISTEN – Phillipe Schwartz from OoVoo joins Craig to discuss how you can share Christmas morning with your families that are far way with their free video conferencing tool.
  • LISTEN – Eric Brown from Impact Games joins Craig to discuss their game called “Peacemaker” that allows you to try to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • LISTEN – Nick Chernoff the Boston District Manager for Radio Shack joins Craig to discuss some of the 7200 tech products they have for you this Holiday gift giving season.
  • LISTEN – Robert Pederson from Zagg Industries joins Craig to talk about how they have taken some military grade technology to make a product that will improve your life. Their product the Invisibleshield will protect all your handheld devices from wear and tear.
  • LISTEN – Dr. Marion Somers joins Craig to discuss how to pick the best Technology for Grandpa and Grandma.
  • LISTEN – Christopher Celeste from Playway Digital joins Craig to talk about their portable Audio Books and how they make great gifts.
  • LISTEN – Ben Patterson the Gadget Hound from Yahoo Tech joins Craig to discuss what Technology you want to get for Christmas and what Technology you should avoid.
  • LISTEN – Les Jickling from Absolute Software joins Craig to discuss the problems of related to Laptop Theft and how they can help you prevent it.
  • LISTEN – Steven Ostrowski from the Computing Technology Industry Association joins Craig to discuss a Survey they conducted that revealed what the top 5 Technology gifts for this holiday season are.
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