The Bottom Line on On-Line Social Networking

Did you know that Social Networks can affect your health just as much as smoking, that they can increase your chance of career promotions, reduce effects of work stress, dictate your ability to get help after a natural disaster, are essential for garnering critical entrepreneurship resources and significantly affect your job satisfaction … well it is true.

In the past social networks were large, rich and diverse and above all happened naturally.  But today companies are asking us to do more with less and the number of hours spent working and commuting has risen significantly.  This means we have less and less time to devote to building social networks and less time to spend in community organizations that help us build them.  Bottom line our social networks are in trouble.

We can’t wait until disaster strikes to find out how strong–or weak–our social networks are.  When everything goes south… the sudden lay-off, the terminal diagnosis, the fire that destroys our home. That’s not the time to find out what our social networks can do – or realize that they aren’t up to the job.

Do we know whom to call to bring chicken soup, get another opinion, get help with insurance issues? Can we immediately shoot our resumes to a list of professionals who respect us and “know people who know people” in our industries? Do we have a place to crash for the night and a shoulder to cry on?

Social media is transforming the Internet–and the way we do business. If you aren’t harnessing the power of these vital tools, chances are your competitors are. But harnessing the power of Web 2.0 requires more than just technical savvy, it calls for an understanding of how these social networks operate–because these sites are communities, with all that name implies.  We all have busy lives and adding Social Networking to it can be a positive addition.  However, in order for it to be a positive experience you must clarify your social networking goals.  Are you using it to establish additional business connections build a political constituency or are you looking for a deeper and more fulfilling relationship? So what is the first step and where do you start. Listen in to Jeanne as she and Craig discuss this very issue.

About Jeanne:

Jeanne Hurlbert, PhD works with online marketers, government agencies, and large corporations to develop social network strategies, craft surveys, and harness the power of social media.   She is co-founder of, which provides survey services for small- to mid-sized businesses; of, which crafts social media strategies; and is CEO of, which helps professional women develop optimal networks for their careers and their lives.

About Optinet Resources LLC:

At Optinet Resources, we help our clients craft social networks to harness all of these benefits. We begin by assessing our clients’ social networks. We then develop a plan to strengthen weaknesses of their social networks and guide their progress to help them create and maintain social networks that are optimal for them.

We provide these social network services individually, to business people and entrepreneurs. We also teach clients in companies and associations to develop their social networks, through online social network assessment and social network seminars.

We make sure your social network:

• Provides resources to build your business or career: money, employees, expertise.

• Offers you and your family practical assistance in the hectic day-to-day busy-ness of life – and in times of crisis.

• Helps you secure your next job, client, sale.

• Supports and mentors you, personally and professionally.