The Government and the US Auto Industry

You know the Federal Government always thinks they know better than we what is best for us and they are ultimately responsible for the collapse of the American Auto Industry.  In their infinite wisdom they told us that we WANTED small fuel efficient cars.  They required the automakers to make these and they sat on their lots because we wouldn’t buy them.  We wanted large SUV’s so they imposed gas-guzzler taxes.  When that did not work they began placing special requirements for oil processing for different seasons and different regions causing the price of fuel to rise dramatically.  Some of us bought into their ploy and purchased smaller cars — but we did not like it.  Some of us called their ploy and reduced our driving whenever we could.  With a glut of oil the prices came down.  If the government would simply let the free market alone and stop meddling with businesses then technology will flourish and America will stay on top.

So this week I decided to bring you some news on Technology that is being developed within and outside of the mainstream auto industry.  I interview CEO’s and even a professor about what they are doing and where they see the future of the American Auto industry.  Enjoy!


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