The Storage Technology Behind “Storage as a Service”

You don’t have to rely on local hard disks any more. Gone are the days of bad disks, blown power supplies and backup tapes. More and more companies are providing storage as a service for lower and lower rates.

How do they do it? Cleversafe provides unique technology that allows the distribution and slicing of data across multiple, geographically disparate data centers. [Listen Here to my interview with Russ Kennedy, a Vice President at Cleversafe.]

  • International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that the average data growth rate will increase more than 600 percent between now and 2010 ( in next two years).
  • Companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe and others are now offering “Storage as a Service” for both consumers and small businesses.
  • Cleversafe technology will provide the fundamental underpinning for the storage needs of the future. – with unlimited scalability, longevity, security and reliability and cost-effectiveness.
  • Superior technology – Current storage backup and archiving approaches rely on multiple redundant copies, replication and synchronization. That compromises security, adds complexity and increases cost. Instead, Cleversafe is changing data storage from a “copying paradigm” to a “slicing paradigm.” With Cleversafe’s model, data is sliced and dispersed across servers. As a result, there’s no data redundancy. And, data expansion can be reduced from 300 to 500% down to a skimpy—and infinitely more manageable—10 to 50%.
  • Reliability and security – Cleversafe’s slice-and-disperse technology delivers significantly higher levels of reliability and security than existing architectures. Since only a pre-defined threshold of slices is needed to retrieve the data, individual servers or entire locations can be down—and data still can be accessed. And because data is sliced and scrambled, the data is inherently private and secure. In fact, access to individual slices doesn’t compromise the original content.
  • Limitless scalability – Unlike older storage products, Cleversafe’s dsNet architecture is designed to scale and grow, because it’s built without a central management or system component. So, additional capacity can be added to a dsNet independently—and in quantities to meet specific business requirements.
  • Cleversafe is the first and only company to provide the necessary components to build commercial dsNets, laying the groundwork for making dispersed storage the future of data back-up and security.

Russ Kennedy,
Vice President, Product Management and Strategic Alliances

Russ Kennedy – A biography

Russ has more than 20 years experience in the storage industry, and is responsible for product management, product marketing and establishing key technical and go-to market alliances.

Prior to joining Cleversafe, Russ was the Senior Director for Product Marketing and Strategy at Pillar Data Systems, a San Jose-based storage solutions provider. Russ also spent 19 years at StorageTek. During his career at StorageTek, Russ also led the StorageTek Software Development organization and was responsible for delivering many world class software solutions, including StorageTek’s flagship VSM product.

He also was the Chief Technology Officer for the Information Lifecycle Management Solutions Business Unit in Sun’s Data Management Group. In that position, he was responsible for a portfolio of solutions designed to help customers address their storage and compliance challenges though ILM.

Russ has an MBA from the University of Colorado at Denver and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Colorado State University
 was formed to build and deploy a better way to secure the world’s data. We are primarily located within the city of Chicago, Illinois, USA. Since the project was initially located within the campus of the Illinois Institute of Technology, many of our contributors are students and former students of IIT. We also have former students from a variety of other schools, including MIT, Harvard, RPI and the University of Illinois who are a part of the project.

hris Gladwin developed the concept for the project along with the initial information dispersal algorithms. The initial support for the Cleversafe project came from its founders, including Chris, Matt England, Julie Bellanca, and Don Plaskett.

n 2006, the Cleversafe Open Source Community released an initial test version of its Dispersed Storage software under the GPL2 open source license.

The Dispersed Storage project is now mainly funded by Cleversafe, Inc., a company that will be offering commercial products and services using the technology at welcomes your participation and your insights.

Cleversafe is the leader in dispersed storage technology, the ideal way to store large, growing amounts of digital assets cost effectively. Founded in 2004, the company is backed by world-class investors including NEA, OCA Ventures, Harrison Street Capital and Alsop-Louie Partners. Cleversafe is also the sponsor of an open source community movement to help standardize Dispersed Storage™ technology through its project. For more information,

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