Turn Your Kids’ iPods into Learning Machines!

A revolutionary breakthrough from Modality and Raybook isrevolutionizing the way kids and adults learn. They are providing technology which helps people learn on the move.

Modality is a technology company based in Durham, NC, making learning applications for iPods and iPhones. Modality work with publishers to take premium branded content (for example Brain Quest, Netter’s Anatomy, CliffsNotes, How to Grill) and put it on the iPod.

The modality platform combines text, photos, and sometimes audio and video into a single learning package for your iPod. What’s unique about the content is that it’s primarily visual, which makes for effective learning. People love podcasts and audiobooks, but they also recognize that people learn better when it presents in a visual manner.

It’s interactive and students learn valuable skills by reading step by step instruction, then watching a video. Students can also read an out-of-the way bistro in Paris, and then pinpoint it on a map.

Raybooks have a range of innovative, highly visual products including titles in elementary education, medical education, and consumer learning. Titles for clickwheel iPods are available at Error! Hyperlink reference not valid., and the forthcoming titles for the iPhone and iPod touch will be available from iTunes and from the forthcoming App Store, which will allow users to download content directly to their iPhone or iPod touch.

Raybook can frame the conversation based on the diversity of products moving from more core educational products to consumer learning.

Elementary (Brain Quest, Math Facts, U.S. Geography, Early Education, Telling Time). As all parents know, learning does not and should not stop when Memorial Day hits and students get out of school. Kids also need learning opportunities at home, in the car, when travelling. That’s the beauty of our products: because they’re on iPods and iPhones, children can learn whenever and wherever they want.

You’d be surprised how many young children have their own iPod, and I know that parents really want them to be able to use these devices for more than just listening to music. We’ve found that they have the capability to be amazing tools for learning as well. And even if children don’t have their own personal iPod, their parents often do. In the car or on a plane, parents can pass their iPods back to their kids and let the learning begin…

Whether it is a rainy day or long car ride to your vacation destination, the Raybook titles for iPod will keep kids sharp during the summer months. The elementary education titles offer kids a similar experience to traditional paper-based flash cards, but in a more portable and fun format. They deliver engaging educational content to a device that is already part of many students’ everyday entertainment, making it more enjoyable and reinforcing fundamental learning concepts when they’re not in school.

Raybooks have products for college and medical students. They also have consumer learning titles, particularly cooking, bartending, Travel, Outdoors, Arts and Crafts, titles (we can talk more here about Mr. Boston, Betty Crocker, How to Grill, 101 Margaritas).

Great for summer cocktail parties, BBQ’s, even just taking to the grocery store…

Bob Pleasants

Bob Pleasants – A biography

Bob Pleasants leads Modality’s education business development activities, including content selection, institutional sales, and partnerships. He participates in product design and QA to ensure the educational quality of each Raybook.

Bob is a former high school English teacher, coordinator of educational programs at Duke University, and anti-violence community educator. He has a BA in English, a Master’s in Teaching English, and a Ph.D. in Education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. When he’s not working, he’s running, cooking, or reading.


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