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Mike Torto the President and Chief Executive Officer at Centive joins Craig to discuss their product Compel® which is the leading on-demand sales compensation management solution.

Today we operate in an on-demand world that demands your attention. “On-Demand” is everywhere: consumer products, personal banking and finance, music and entertainment, media and internet content, educational courses, literary works, even artwork is being offered on-demand. And nowhere is the on-demand market as white-hot as it is in technology. New on-demand technology solutions are being introduced almost daily from both traditional technology vendors and new players in the Web 2.0 world.

The dominant business model in the on-demand world today is subscription-based; users subscribe to a service for a defined period rather than purchase a traditional perpetual license. The flexible, pay-as-you-go, subscription-based on-demand delivery model is commonly referred to a “SaaS” or Software as a Service.

The on-demand SaaS software model has evolved from the early days of ASPs. Rather than simply hosting traditional applications, vendors now deliver software in a one-to-many or multi-tenant approach, meaning one code base serves all customers. The multi-tenant model makes it easier for the vendor to maintain and enhance their software, lower software delivery costs, and pass savings on to their customers. For the customers, there is no software to purchase, install or maintain and no huge up-front license fees requiring capital expense approval. In fact, many on-demand solutions fit well within operational budgets, making it easy to afford business solutions that were previously priced beyond the reach of most small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

True on-demand vendors recognize that providing real business value and the highest levels of service are critical in order to reach and maintain profitability. Customer retention is priority one; affordable pay-as-you-go subscription-based contracts only return a profit when customers continue to subscribe over time. On-demand vendors are, therefore, focused on providing a high value service that includes a feature-rich solution, quality delivery and the best possible ongoing customer service.

As you consider technology solutions to meet your business challenges, consider the many benefits of true on-demand solutions. Today’s on-demand market provides a wide variety of solutions in key business categories like CRM, Sales Compensation Management, Compliance and Risk Management and Workforce Management to name just a few.ThinkStrategies’ SaaS Showplace and salesforce.com’s AppExchange are great places to begin your search for solutions that deliver real results on-demand.

About Mike Torto
Michael Torto is the President and Chief Executive Officer at Centive, the leading provider of on-demand strategic sales compensation management. Prior to joining Centive, Torto served as president and CEO of InCert Software, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Previous to his leadership at InCert, Torto served as president and CEO at Swan International Inc., a European-based software provider of application delivery and self-healing software. Torto led the company to a successful IPO on the European EASDAQ in April of 1999. In addition to speaking at various industry conferences, such as the SIIA OnDemand Summit 2006, Mike has been featured as an expert commentator on the CBS Evening News as well as well as MSNBC’s “The Most.” Mike was selected as a featured speaker on sales performance management at the upcoming SaaScon 2007 conference, April 18th in Santa Clara, CA.

About Centive
Hailed in the March issue of CIO Magazine, Centive’s flagship offering, Compel, is the “most widely-used choice for sales compensation management.” Compel goes beyond just calculating accurate sales commission and bonus payments; it also provides strategic value by enabling customers to model and forecast commission expense, optimize plan effectiveness, and drive sales performance and top-line revenue growth. Companies use Centive Compel to accurately model and forecast commission costs, calculate commission and bonus earnings and gain real-time visibility into sales performance metrics. Compel is featured in the Gartner case study “On-Demand Sales Compensation Proves Its Value.” In addition, Compel was awarded the 2006 CODiE award for “Best Financial Software,” the 2006 CRM Excellence award from Customer Interaction Solutions, and is a winner of the 2007 CRM WizKids awards, sponsored by Beagle Research. To learn more about Centive, please visit www.centive.com or call 1-877-CENTIVE.


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