Web Tools: Talking Avatar technologies

Adi Sideman the CEO of Oddcast joins Craig to discuss Internet-based user generated media and talking avatar technologies

Viral Marketing

Marketers are recognizing the effectiveness of viral marketing, and are deploying more and more viral marketing campaigns as part of their online marketing mix. Brand exposure and targeted click-through are the main goals of such campaigns.

VHost Workshop and Karaoke

Oddcast’s VHost Workshop and Karaoke products provide a one stop shop for brands viral marketing campaigns including:

  • Enabling users to self express and create content, using their own voice and creativity.
  • Enabling users to share their creations via email, mobile and within online community environments such as contents, bulletin boards and gallery pages.
  • Enabling site editors to manage the community including:
    • Ongoing editorial direction (editors may change the topic users post about every week, for example)
    • Editorial control (Ability to highlight certain user creations and delete others)
  • Provide access to dynamic reports on usage, time spent on site, and viral indicators such as emails sent and opened.

Benefits of Viral Marketing Campaigns

  • High brand exposure time! Time spent on site is especially high (averaging 6 – 9 minutes per visit) and attributed to the products’ high interaction, self expression and entertainment value.
  • High pass along viral rates: Email open rates average, 70%, and pass-along rates average 35%. There are high chances that a recipient will open an email generated from a friend – a trusted source

Relevant Case Study Highlights

  • 7.5 Million unique visitors to the site within 6 months
  • 50 Million emails sent
  • 6-9 Minutes avg. user session length

User-Generated Content

Give your community a voice by enabling users to communicate through speaking avatars they create. With Oddcast self expression and editorial tools, any community can easily be transformed from a text based to a media based community.

Virtual Sales Agents

Over 90% of computers have speakers and over 85% of users experience media on them every day, yet businesses are selling silently. With Oddcast’s Virtual Salespeople you can provide product information, sales pitches and spoken call for action. VHost virtual salesmen and customer service agents have been proven to increase sales and conversion by 30% to 1000%.

Mobile Avatars

Oddcast mobile avatar solutions allow businesses, brands and publishers to reach users on their mobile phones via MMS or Flash Lite. Oddcast currently supports 2 main types of Mobile deployment:

  • Dynamic Informational: Sending Weather, Astrology, news, scores etc to mobile subscribers.
  • User Generated / Viral: Marketers can now take viral marketing on the road by allowing consumers to create their own avatar and send them to mobile phones.

Avatars are delivered to phones via MMS or Flash Lite! The solutions include consumer account management.


Oddcast telephony solutions enable businesses and publishers to:

  • Allow users to record audio to a web site by calling in via any phone.
  • Allow users to receive audio to their phones by leaving their phone number.

Oddcast provides advanced APIs to enable 3rd parties to integrate this solution into non avatar applications.

E-Learning and Training

Case studies prove that user comprehension is enhanced by using online avatar based instruction. The VHost avatars are uniquely suited to deliver character online training, content, role play simulations and quizzing.

Rich Media Ads

Nothing beats a spoken call to action! Oddcast VHost talking banners boast industry-leading CPA results. VHost banners are compliant with most rich media ad systems and publishers. Let a VHost personally deliver your message for you!

Blogging & Social Networking

Bloggers worldwide are discovering the power of expressing themselves with a speaking avatar! Oddcast social networking solutions allow online communities to easily enable their members with avatar creation and publishing tools.

Small Business

The VHost SitePal® product line enables small businesses to place customized VHost characters on their web site in minutes.

President & CEO
Adi has over ten years of experience in product development and technology management. Prior to founding Oddcast in 1999, he headed Squeeze, a company that provided Web development services to Fortune 500 companies, including Starbucks and Con Edison. Adi produced more than thirty online games, including HBO’s “Sex in the City”, “The Sopranos”, and Warner Brothers’ “The Matrix” game. In 1996, Adi produced the first animated ads on AOL.

Adi holds an MPS degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU Tisch School of the Arts and an undergraduate degree from NYU in Film and Television.

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