WoM! The Tips to Windows on Mac From the Man Who Wrote the Book

You can run Windows on Mac. But it’s not possibile to run Mac on Windows. Apple is creating waves and business of Mac is growing at rapid pace. Apple’s retails stores have also been a factor in greater sales of Macs. Half of all sales at Apple Stores are to people who are new to Macs, according to Apple.

  • Sales of Macs to Windows users have accelerated. This is partly (or primarily) because Macs can now run both its native operating system, Mac OS X, and Windows, making it the most versatile computer you can buy.
  • Windows users are looking for an alternative to their current computer because they feel inundated with viruses, spyware, and hackers that take advantage of security flaws in Microsoft’s operating system.
  • The use of Intel chips in Macs — the same as is used in Windows PCs — has changed the game, both for home and work use. The issue of Windows compatibility is largely erased as Apple hardware can now run Windows. Both home and business users can think of the ability to run Windows as a safety net – it’s there if they need it.
  • Home use has started to affect the landscape in the office. As more home users buy and use Macs, they’re coming to their bosses and asking for Macs instead of Windows. As a result, Macs are now being considered by more workplaces than in the past. Even IBM is going to let its employees use Macs if they like.
  • Apple’s marketing has been remarkably effective. The Mac vs. PC ads have become a cultural touchstone, and made more people interested in Macs who normally would not have been.

Although you can run Windows on a Mac, the reverse is not true – at least not legally. But hobbyists have figured out a way to run the Mac OS on some generic PC hardware, and one controversial company — Psystar – has actually started selling generic PCs with the Mac OS preinstalled.

Dwight Silverman
Author – Running Windows on your MAC
Houston Chronicle Columnist

Dwight Silverman – A biography

Dwight Silverman is the computing columnist and technology blogger at the Houston Chronicle and cohost of “Technology Bytes,” a weekly radio show on KPFT-FM. Dwight is also author of Running Windows on Your Mac, a new book published by Peachpit that reveals how to use Microsoft Windows on your Mac.

Berkeley-based Peachpit has been publishing the industry’s best-selling books on the latest in graphic design, desktop publishing, multimedia, Web design and development, digital video and general Macintosh computing since 1986. Its award-winning books feature step-by-step explanations, time-saving techniques, savvy insider tips, and expert advice for computer users of all sorts. It is the home of the internationally recognized Visual QuickStart Guide series, the design imprint New Riders and its highly popular Voices That Matter series, and is the publishing partner for Adobe Press, NAPP, Apple Certified, and others. Peachpit is part of Pearson, the international media company. Pearson’s primary operations also include the Financial Times Group and the Penguin Group. Learn more at www.peachpit.com and www.pearson.com

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