Today’s Teens – Too Much Instant Gratification Is a Bad Thing

Veteran teen researcher Gary Rudman of GTR Consulting joins Craig to discuss the just completed a qualitative research study on teens and tech. While some call it Generation M, he calls it the Flux Gen. Listen here.

Modern technology is reprogramming today’s teenager. Gary says today’s teens are the masters of IM, blogging, text messaging, cell phone chatter, homework, computer and video games, iPod, etc. They depend on technology to accumulate social currency, cache every part of their lives, and gain more control over their chaotic worlds.
Today’s teens are part of what Gary calls “the Flux generation” “They feel they must adopt, adapt and advance as fast as they can. They expect instant gratification in everything they do. They are dependent on technology to accumulate social currency, cache every part of their lives, and provide digital disquises to gain more control over their chaotic worlds.”

The g-Trend Report is an in-depth qualitative look at the uneven relationship between teens, technology and society. It explains what it is like to be a teen in today’s challenging social and technological environments.

Rudman say’s “Teens used to set the trends and be revolutionaries. Today they are no longer in control; they are struggling to keep their heads above water as technology and society set the trends and the pace in which teens are forced to adopt them.”

Topics Gary and Craig will discuss are:

The Flux Generation – The life of the gadget bound how technology has impacted the way teen society works

iJunkies – The world at the touch of a button

Technomadism – Their wireless life

TechnoBling – Technology must look good in addition to working well

Insulationships and how technology is mediating teen’s relationship with the world around them

The Neighbornet – Teen world expanded on the net

Ego Anglers – Looking for positive strokes on the net

The Digital Disguise – Transforming identities on the net

ACME Auteur – Creating, Producing & Directing on the net

Consequences – The Flux Gen’s unique neuroses created by the technological world

Life Caching – Memory replaced by knowing where to find it

Brain Blur – Multitasking in 2006

Dataddiction – Teens can’t live without the web

The Chill Challenged – Idle hands? Not today’s teens

The Cultural Bully – Teens are pushed, pulled and pressured by society.

The Mid-Pubescent Crisis – Growing up at 11

The Charity of Me – Ulterior motives of Charity and Volunteerism

MTVneer – Pressure to look and act like TV teens

Mock Maturity – Pushing teens to grow up, while protecting them.

Surreality – Life will be harder than they expect

According to the PEW Internet Life Study done in 2005 – 87% percent of teens are online, 84% report owning at least one media device such as computer, cell phone or PDA.

About Gary Rudman and GTR Consulting

Gary Rudman is founder and President of GTR Consulting specializing in qualitative market research and strategic planning targeting kids, teens, and young adults their parents, teachers and coaches. Since 1991, Rudman has focused on qualitative market research working as a planner for Foote, Cone and Belding and J. Walter Thompson, and for five years as Director of Qualitative Research with Teenage Research Unlimited. In addition, Rudman worked at Foote, Cone and Belding San Francisco as a VP Planning Director before starting GTR Consulting.

Mr. Rudman has consulted and conducted research for clients in virtually every category including retail, fashion, packaged goods, personal care products, insurance, website planning and design, print media, beverages, video games, as well as social marketing.

Clients of GTR Consulting include: UbiSoft, Bob’s Stores, ESPN, Virgin Mobile, NIKE, Disney, Visa, Unilever, MapQuest, ESPN, Activision, XGames, Dean Foods, Dippin’ Dots, Salomon, Coca-Cola, Gatorade, Bauer, Oxy, Microsoft Xbox, and Sega. Recent social marketing work has included: the national “truth” anti-tobacco campaign for the American Legacy Foundation, the Las Vegas Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention campaign, and the State of Virginia’s Youth Tobacco Use Prevention Program.


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