The Road To Machine Learning Wars


How we fight wars is changing and changing in a big way. With the advancement of technology, conducting our battles will be done with speed and accuracy unavailable today, and we will be facing wars driven by machine learning using Drones, exoskeletons, automated tanks, etc. With machine learning, we are collecting data from a multitude of sensors and then using various algorithms powered by sophisticated processes to evaluate images and other data allowing us to learn and act on that information speedily to gain an advantage over our enemies. Full autonomy of machines is still a while off as our military officers are still working on increasing understanding of how these digital assets can filter and predict data and come to a decision. Therefore, they remain skeptical of giving them full destructive authority.

Additionally, it all comes down to who writes the software.  What if the programs are written poorly? Or if they have hackable vulnerabilities. What if initial instructions get violated that lead to decisions that violate societal, ethical norms. However, like always the technology is outpacing policies at such as rate, it will be hard to catch up. China, on the other hand, is fully on-board with exporting autonomous machine learning drones into the battlefield.  The Chinese mentality is exclusively directed overseas where they consistently work to undermine the dignity and freedom of societies and disarm any states that protect them employing technology without fully understanding or vetting the consequences of those decisions, which will ultimately result in increased bloodshed.


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