Who is Looking Back At You?


A recent scare had Apple releasing silent patches for macOS to help fight off the Zoom vulnerability that could lead to “camfecting” or hijacking the webcam on MacBooks and other cameras connected to the system. Yes, that means that hackers could potentially look through your webcam – it’s not an urban myth, but a very real danger to unwary users. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about webcam hijacking.

Your entire computer is hackable (if you download the wrong files). Since the webcam is a physical component of our computers, we don’t think of it as being vulnerable the same way our browsers or apps are. But webcams are entirely controlled by software within the operating system. If that software is compromised, then hackers can take control of the webcam and essentially “see” out of it from their own computers. All it takes is the right kind of malware.