13 Hidden Features of Apple iOS 6

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Think You Know Apple’s New iOS 6?  With over 200 new features, it’s doubtful.

Here are 13 hidden features of Apple’s new operating system for iPhones, iPads and iPod touches.  Read the whole article here.

  1. Apple’s completely redesigned Maps app replaces Google Maps in iOS 6. Simply pinch to zoom out, like you normally, and keep doing it until the map becomes a globe.
  2. Panorama mode actually works with any iOS device that has a dual-core processor.
  3. You can finally insert photos into an e-mail draft. Tap and hold on a blank area in the email until the cut-and-paste menu appears.
  4. The YouTube app has been removed from the default install of iOS 6. But if you want it back, you can download the new YouTube app from the App Store.
  5. Sharing Calendars can now be done straight from iOS 6.
  6. Email now has a mark as unread function. Tap on the flag to choose from flagging an e-mail or setting it as unread.
  7. With iOS 6, each e-mail account can have its own unique signature.
  8. On the iPhone the default Navigation voice can be alarmingly loud, especially if connected to a car stereo. To adjust the speaking volume of your robot navigator, go to Settings > Maps
  9. Photo Stream now offers a pretty easy way to share photos with groups of friends without posting them to the Internet for all the world to see.
  10. Now you can customize alarms for certain days of the week and set a song from your music library as your alarm tone.
  11. New ability to delete both artists and individual tracks lets you remove these offending tracks. Just slide from left to right on an artist or track to bring up the delete button.
  12. Although the new Passbook function isn’t fully available with application support yet, one of the best things about Passbook is the option to access it from the lockscreen. Go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock.
  13. Apple has provided clearer controls with regard to ad tracking and to granting apps access to your data.


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This one is strictly for fun. I wouldn’t call this breaking news or ‘stop the presses’ by any stretch. But I think of it as one of those great “conversation starters.” I think of this as a modern-day version of “If you could take one thing with you on a deserted island, what would it be?” Hope you guys can use it.

Best Buy routinely does surveys, and in a recent one (see end of this note to show that it’s a real survey with legit methodology) they asked the question:

“If you were going on vacation this summer, which one gadget would you have to bring with you?”

Responses were:

  • Cellphone 47 percent
  • Digital camera 28 percent
  • mp3 player 6 percent
  • Blackberry or other smartphone 4 percent
  • GPS unit 3 percent
  • Portable DVD player 2 percent
  • None 10 percent

A couple of interesting things to note: When you break it down by age and gender, mp3 went up some for younger males (not much of a surprise, right?).

  • mp3 10 percent
  • 50-plus 1 percent
  • men 10 percent
  • women 3 percent

The findings are the results of a total of 1,000 interviews conducted April 18-21, 2008 as part of GfK Roper’s weekly omnibus. A random digit dialling (RDD) sampling method was used to ensure a nationally representative sample of Americans ages 18+ across regions and demography. The margin of error for the total sample at the 95% confidence level is +/-3 percentage points.

Pat Kerrigan – A biography

Pat Kerrigan is the Customer Experience Manager for the Best Buy in Braintree. He’s been with Best Buy for four-and-a-half years. Pat’s been a tech & gadget junkie since he was a kid, with a special interest in home theatre. Pat notes that he jumped on the TiVo when it first came out in 2000. At the time, the best model could record up to 30 hours of programming; now a TiVo can record more than 180 hours. His passion for consumer electronics is what led him to a career with Best Buy. Pat’s a Boston native born on the South Shore who has followed Boston’s sports teams his whole life. He graduated from Bridgewater State College in 2007 with a degree in communications.

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