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Craig is on the Jim Polito show. Today they talked about the Space Plane that could take you from NYC to London in less than an hour. They also talked about the facial recognition technology used in airports.

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Airing date: 05/07/2019

New Space Plane – Airport Face Scanning

Jim Polito 0:02
He’s here, that music means that he’s here. But you know what he’s always here because at the end of this segment, I’m going to tell you how you can keep in touch with our Tech Talk guru Craig Pearson. But here is the man right now. Good morning.

Craig Peterson 0:16
Hey, good morning. And speaking to that we’ve got a kind of a big deal going on right now with Dell. I’m going to be sending out some information on that today.

Jim 0:27
Oh, what’s going on?

Craig 0:28
Oh, man.

Jim 0:31 
Oh, boy.

Craig 0:33
Yeah. Well, we know that remote support can be handy. But it really looks like what’s happened here with some of these computers. And, and we’re going to be picking up and get into more specifics later today. But they have put into the machine itself, the ability for people to do remote support, and it has full privileges.

Jim 0:56
Here we go. So Dell. You’re getting a Dell dude. So Dell put this in, I mean, you know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, they put this in, so that it would make it easier for them to help you. So that when you’re talking to somebody in Mumbai, on customer service, that they can help you. But now the bad guys know how to do it.

Craig 1:23
Exactly. So it’s a remote assist vulnerability, it’s kind of a very bad thing. Because it does allow anyone basically on your network. So another computer’s been compromised on your network, it allows that computer to be able to get on take over and have complete control of your computer. And it gets very concerning when you talk to you about businesses, with the large numbers of records that are store personal information, confidential information. And when you’re talking about servers that might have millions of records them. So it’s kind of a very big deal. So keep an eye out because I’ll be sending them or specific instructions on what to do later on.

Jim 2:09
All right, and we’ll tell everybody how they can get on that list. And it’s very simple. And it’s very helpful. Okay, so let’s get to this. The technology now exists. It’s not Buck Rogers stuff. It’s not Star Wars. The technology now exists to be able to have a craft, I guess I would say an aircraft leave New York or DC, with passengers and then land in London, One hour later. Is that that true? The technology exists?

Craig 2:51
Almost. It’s less than an hour later.

Jim 2:54 

Craig 2:56
It’s absolutely amazing. Going from London to Australia in four hours. What we’re talking about is a plane. And it’s designed to go off into the highest levels of the atmosphere kind of skimming outer space, if you will. Well think about the Space Station, for instance, that’s orbiting the Earth, the entire Earth in 90 minutes. It’s moving very, very fast and when you get into outer space, certain problems go away. But other problems raised its ugly head. And one of the things that’s really been a problem, and this was a problem for the culprits as well. I bet it’s something you’ve never thought about here. Jim.

Jim 3:40
Go ahead. Lay it on me Alexandria Casio Cortez.

Craig 3:46
Here’s the issue. If you’re in outer space, one of the huge problems you have is what you do with the excess heat? For instance, think about are our bodies right now when you get hot you sweat. And it helps to cool down your body. If you’re standing in 70 degree air. Are you cold or hot? You’re probably okay. Right?

Jim 4:15
Yeah. You’re about comfortable. Yeah.

Craig 4:16
How about 70 degrees water?

Jim 4:19 

Craig 4:21
And the reason for that of course, is the water is pulling the heat out of your body. How about in a vacuum? There is nothing to pull the heat away.

Jim 4:31
No, there isn’t.

Craig 4:33
And so many people think all outer space, it’s cold. It’s absolute zero. And you know, and it’s easy to get rid of the heat. It is not easy to get rid of the heat. And it’s been one of the problems was the we’ve had to solve over the years. What do we do with the excess heat for creating? When it come to these airplanes, and this is true with the Concorde, they are restricted because one of the things you don’t want to have happen is have your engine melt as you’re trying to fly, right?

Jim 5:02
Right. Because the heat has to, right, the heat. I mean, in normal atmospheric conditions, it’s going to cool.

Craig 5:07
It will cool. The Concorde even is limited by this problem. Well, they just solved the problem.

Jim 5:17
What did they put like an air conditioner in the engine?

Craig 5:20 
Yeah, exactly. How did you?

Jim 5:23  
You know what I didn’t even I didn’t even realize how brilliant I was. I didn’t.

Craig 5:29
The company’s called Reaction Engines. And they made this precooler that can take the temperature of the compressed air because you remember, these various types of engines, jet pipe engines. Let’s leave it at that. Keep it simple. Compressed the air, and they can take that air in the engines move it from 1000 degrees Celsius to room temperature in one 20th of a second.

Jim 5:58

Craig 5:59  
It’s actually absolutely amazing. Which means now they have solved the last major problem with a high speed hypersonic travel.

Jim 6:10
Okay, so let me get this straight. You know the Concorde, which no longer exists? It was a partnership between British Airways on Air France. supersonic jet, I think they were getting you there and what three hours?

Craig 6:26
Yeah, mos two is about where they were running. And yeah, it was just it was a few hours I think.

Jim 6:34
Okay. So we can go faster because the engine won’t overheat. How high up are we going?

Craig 6:45
Well, this is this is really neat, when you’re talking about faster, our jet fighters etc, can go mos 2 mos 3-ish, as difficult. This can go up to mos 25.

Jim 7:00
Wow. That’s 25 times the speed of sound,

Craig 7:03
You got it. You’re absolutely right.

Jim 7:05
That’s a heck of a sonic boom.

Craig 7:08
Isn’t that something? So it’s going to get high high up in the atmosphere, right on the edge of the atmosphere. It’s going to travel kind of get along 25 times the speed of sound, and get you to where you’re going anywhere. You can get anywhere in the world in less than four hours with this engine. It is really exciting. We haven’t had a big breakthrough like this in a very long time. You know, rocket engines World War Two is kind of when we got, of course. And this is the very next stage here. It’s a different engine, it’s got that supersonic air intakes the coolers, compressors, and rocket engines on the back. But it is an absolute revolution. And we can expect to start seeing these planes, you know, just in still early testing stage and another five years or so. But it is just absolutely amazing. And once again, without the aid systems in on this. The European Space Agency. The UK Space Agency. And we’re talking about technology for cooling using tubes that are thinner than a human hair. With liquid helium in them. So it is very, very cool. And I think it’s something AOC might have an issue with.

Jim 8:36 . 
Yeah, that’s I was gonna get at because you know, she wants us all to be on trains and boats. And unless you can make a boat that can get to London in an hour, you know, in Australia in four hours? I don’t know.

Craig 8:50
Yeah, well and they’re also, this isn’t just these guys. But there is another race going on right now. There are few jets that are expected to hit the market in next few years that are supersonic and are going to be flown all over the world. They tell some of the problems that have been existing remember the Concorde was designed for the 70s?

Jim 9:14
I know. I know. You go to museums now to see the Concorde. I remember the course they only had one crash in their entire history. And it was because it was a piece of debris on the runway in Paris that caused the problem. But no, they had a great safety record. It was very expensive, but people loved it.

Craig 9:35
Yeah. This is the future of this along with flying trains. Maybe that’s what they should call it. A space train.

Jim 9:43
Yeah. If you call it a train, she won’t know the difference. All right. We’re talking with our good friend, Tech Talk guru Craig Peterson, and all the information here and then this information he talked about with Dell, he’ll get to you and I’ll tell you how you can do it at the end of the segment. But before we go, so before I get on this plane that’s going to get me to London in an hour. My face will be scanned. What’s what’s that all about?

Craig 10:13
You saw that didn’t you?

Jim 10:13
Yeah, I did. In the material you sent you’re going to scan my face for what?

Craig 10:18
Yeah, well, it’s already started happening. And this is kind of interesting, because the US Customs and Border Protection is using some facial recognition technology already at 15 airports. And what they’re doing is they’re matching the faces against passport photos, and what’s called open source records, things like everything from drivers licenses through pictures that you might have posted online on social media, etc. Okay. So with the 15 airports that are out there, they’ve already had 15,000 flights if they want to just what they do is they have the camera right by the Okay, so they know you’re about to leave the country. Of those 15,000 flights, over 2 million passengers have been scammed. 7,000 passengers were already caught as overstays on their visas.

Craig 11:19
7,000. And that’s what the system and only started in 2017. So Customs and Border Protection is very interested in getting this in use in all airports across the country. It’s also been key in identifying imposters, people who trying to enter the US don’t match because you remember they’re matching it up passports. If you don’t match up record for that driver’s license or passport, your face doesn’t match. They will flag you right then in there for additional inspection. Remember it’s kind of like 911. They used to have tables set up right by the gate. So they’re going to be doing that again. But I gotta say with 15 airports catching 7,000 people who are here, effectively, illegally. I don’t know if we can even say that anymore. Right?

Jim 12:10
Well you can say it on the show Craig. Feel free.

Craig 12:16
Once they spread this out it’s really going to cause havoc for people who are in the country illegally. People who for instance, might have been apprehended as a border, given a court date to show up didn’t show we have their photos. If they go anywhere near the airport, they’re going to be caught.

Jim 12:37
Wow, now that facial recognition, or application of that technology doesn’t bother me. Craig folks can get this information plus a whole lot more plus the problem with Dell you discussed earlier. If they text my name to this number.

Craig 12:57
855-385-5553. That’s text Jim to 855-385-5553.

Jim 13:10
Standard data and text rates apply. And you’ll get all this important information plus more as Craig just said. When an issue comes up, he will send it to you, he will not bother you. He will not try to sell you something Craig thanks so much. Always a pleasure.

Craig 13:27
Thanks. Take care Jim.

Jim 13:29 
You too. Bye bye. All right, a final word about nicknames when we return. You’re listening to the Jim Polito show your safe space.