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About Craig

Craig’s been called a true “Renaissance Man“, having been highly successful in multiple careers.  He’s secured the networks and data for the number one clearing house for Credit Card data in the world, implemented a Million Dollar Per Day online Lottery, interviewed more than 1,000 CEOs, built and maintained web strategies for more than 5,000 Businesses and Government Agencies, designed and implemented some of the most complex web sites in the world and has been on TV, radio and quoted thousands of times.

Just to prove it, here’s a few recommendations Craig’s received:

  • “Craig is truly the expert source for all things internet and related. He is always able to produce a creative, custom, secure solution to suit my business needs. He has delivered the same high quality, expert results that exceeded my expectations on every project. I have complete faith that the end solutions that Craig designs and implements will perform to the highest standards and will reflect ‘best in class’ practices in the industry. I highly recommend and trust Craig’s ability.”  Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative.  Lucille Marston , IT Director for Hitachi’s Cable Division, first hired me as a IT Consultant in 1995, and continues to remain a client.
  • “We like working with Mainstream because they know systems from front to back…”  “The depth of knowledge and expertise at Mainstream is outstanding…”  Frank Catanese, Director, Operations at State of NH Office of Information Technology.
  • “Craig is an innovative, forward-thinking entrepreneur. His ability to understand complex technologies and help others understand their applications is exceptional. His high energy level makes him a pleasure to work with.”  Kevin Hallenbeck, Owner, Sandler Sales Institute /
  • “I first met Craig when we were both consulting with Digital on different aspects of their OS offerings. What struck me was how he was perceived by the technical leaders within one of DEC’s premier development groups; total respect. It was a given that Craig knew what he was talking about and when he made an architectural or design decision, it was accepted without question. This wasn’t usually the case, even with decisions originating from those technical leaders. Some time later Craig’s firm hired mine to step in and help with a project that some “big time’ consulting firms had dropped the ball on. Working together we managed to completely redesign and replace the failed multi-year project in only a few weeks of round-the-clock effort. Craig had stepped into the mess left by another company, figured out what they were trying to do and what the client really needed, created a plan to meet the client’s goals, and executed without the slightest hesitation. While all of this was happening, he positively and effectively dealt with a team of Fortune 500 executives desperate for a solution. If I were looking to build a new business presence on the web today or if I needed an engineering team that could tackle tough problems and be depended upon to deliver on time, Craig would be the first guy I would turn to for help.” Robert Scott, Business Development Lead, Nokia
  • “…it has been their continued dedication to meeting our ever changing Internet needs that has kept us a satisfied customer.”   Jim LeMay, President, AutoFair Automobile Corp.
  • “Mainstream is our technology partner who makes our agenda their agenda…”  Bill Wise, President, NIT, Producer of
  • “They provide our company with the bandwidth, technical expertise, security systems, and quality service necessary for our continued success…”  Tim Walsh, Helmers Publishing, Inc.
  • “Craig was recommended to me by a business consultant as The ‘go-to guy’ for business internet solutions. Each time that I work with him I expand my knowledge base and I can not speak highly enough about his grasp of all things technical, business and marketing related.”  Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity Jennifer Dionne
  • “Craig was a favorite ‘live’ guest on our information/lifestyles program. A frequent and popular contributor, Craig delivers an unequaled knowledge and enthusiasm as an expert in technology products, consumer electronics, and internet security. Our television station and viewing audience of nearly 2 million homes relied on Craig’s expertise and concise critique and analysis on many occasions.”  Mike DeBlasi, Ancho/Reporter/Host, WZMY-TV, WNDS-TV
  • “A true security expert with all the tools of a world class computer software expert.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert frank stama
  • “Highly motivated, smart, decisive, knowledgeable” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity mike oneil
  • “I known Craig and followed his work for years. He understands technology and knows how to make it work.”  Warren Whitlock, Book Marketing Expert,
  • “R. Craig Peterson’s an ideal choice for insuring the integrity and security of your data. His knowledge, experience and innovative abilities can help you stay ahead of the ever increasing network security threats facing corporations today.”  Glen Zibolis, Owner, Granite Rhode LLC
  • “R. Craig proved to be a great investment. He quickly and professionally solved our software and business solution needs. In the future I would reccomend R. Craig to anyone needing top level IT or computer consulting.”  Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity Truman Weatherly
  • “You will be hard pressed to find a Network Security expert whose technical acumen and project management skills match Craig’s. He comes with my highest recommendation, he is a leader in the field.”  Michael Melville, Senior Account Manager, Eliassen Group
  • “Craig has been able to help my company get out of numerous computer and network issues and has been very timely as needed to keep our company operating when systems were down. He has also consulted with me on many occasions regarding various highly technical issues. A great resource when we need his company services!”  Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity Gary Gahan
  • “You’ve really come through for us on this one. Thanks again!” Todd Meckenstock – PaymenTech (The Largest Clearing House of Credit Cards in the Nation)
  • “I cant remember when a site has gone through such a major change as yours has with so few glitches in such a short period of time.”  [In reference to a client’s web site.] Carol Drifter
  • “We have had no problems with access to the website  – ever…the uptime of the host server is phenomenal; a definite “feather in [your] cap.” Kathy Walker – Director, Health and Human Services
  • “You’re the only [one] who [has] given me 5 years of trouble-free support, which is saying something!” Mike Snow – Director, Service Delivery, Superpages
  • “Outstanding WEBSITE, keep up the great work.” Major David W. Fisher USMC
  • “During my lunch with Cecilia today, she raved about how much she likes you and what a great job you’re doing!!!  She is VERY pleased and happy that you’re there.” Jackie Kipp – Sales Representative
  • “Wanted to tell you I have several friends in the [XYZ] Rotary.  They had all sorts of good things to say about you.  Thought I would pass it on.” Barbara Michaels
  • “The email uprgade looks pretty cool.  I tested/screwed around with it this morning for a bit with some external web mail that I’ve got.  Works like a charm.  It rocks AND it rolls.  Very nice.” James Garfield – Network Manager, LRGHealthcare
  • “Have installed the FREE anti-virus software you suggested. Was most pleased – for the systems test if nothing more.” E.E. Gilpatrick
  • “Many thanks for this [advise]!!! You saved me a major hassle.” Alan Rice – Currency Trader
  • “Complex subject, real solutions and presented in a way to captivate his audience.” Bill
  • “Craig’s knowledge about computer security and his presentation style left me better informed and interested in improving my system.” Marge Chiafery – School Superintendent
  • “Sign me up!  I love what you’re doing.  Thank you for your ingenuity and your willingness to share.  As a father of three children still at home, I’m very interested in what you have.” Dan Janal – Founder PR
  • “I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how pleased I was to order through your website. Everything about it was professional, quick, and easy! As a very busy Mom of two boys, I can appreciate an excellent product and hassle-free ordering. Keep up the good work as you will certainly be seeing the Sullivan name for years to come. Thank you!” [In reference to a customer’s site Craig built.] Gina L. Sullivan
  • “Thanks again for everything today…you guys ROCK!!” Teresa Gladu – VP Senecal Beverage Distributors
  • “Just wanted to drop a note to you that I have been catching your show on WGIR- am Saturdays and really enjoy it.  You do a great job.  :  ) Been listening off and on for quite a while.” Michael O’Neil – Philips Medical Systems
  • “I finally had a chance to hear the recording that we did “mid-summer.”  [The interview] was simply great!” John Bostick – CEO,
  • “Your interview was great.  You are a fantastic interviewer.” Marv Steigman – COO Comet Technologies
  • “A Very good interview!  You were well prepared and very knowledgable.” Steve Adams – VP
  • “This was a great interview. In fact, it was one of the best interviews I’ve ever had.  Great job in getting the message across and out!” Steven Loop – Executive Director AT&T  – ATT Remote Monitor
  • “…absolutely loved the experience [working with Craig]” Sherean Malekzadeh Allen – Founder and President of New Thought Marketing, Inc
  • “I’ve done quite a few of these interviews before, and this was by far the best interview that I’ve ever had.”  You have a way of getting to some of the key issues like no one else ever has.” Freeman Ford – Founder, FAFCO

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