2019 Breaches

Connected CounterTop Garden E-Commerce Site Hacked

Who: AeroGrow # of Accounts Breached: Undetermined What was affected: Credit card number, expiration date, and card verification value — also known as a security code When it happened: Between October 29, 2018,​ and March 4, 2019 How it happened: On March 4, 2019,...

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Website of Bangladesh Oil Hacked, Twice

Who: Bangladesh Oil, Gas and Mineral Corporation (Petrobangla) # of Accounts Breached: What was affected: Petrobangla’s website When it happened: April 7, 2019 How it happened: In the latest hacking incident, hackers using the name “N33LOB33” wrote on the website: “It...

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Taxpayer Information Stolen From Employee

Who: The United Way of the Big Bend # of Records/People Affected: 64 Taxpayers When: 19 April 2019 What happened: A data security breach that occurred when taxpayer information was stolen from an employee in March. How Did it happen: The organization says that 64...

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City Computers Brought Down By Ransomware

Who: City of Greenville, North Carolina # of Records/People Affected: Undetermined When: 11 April 2019 What happened: Greenville, N.C., has effectively been knocked offline by a ransomware attack. How Did it happen: The city IT department had to shut down the majority...

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Massachusetts Hospital falls Victim to Phishing Attack

Who: Baystate Health of Springfield # of Records/People Affected: 12,000 When: 8 April 2019 What happened: Data breach exposed information about some 12,000 patients. How Did it happen: A phishing incident resulted in unauthorized access to the email accounts of...

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