The Future Communication Means No Phones


Our world today is changing, and we are demanding convenience, efficiency, and speed in our transactional pursuits, and this might mean that smartphone you purchase or finance for the next five years might be unnecessary before its paid off. Almost every application you can dream of will integrate voice in the next half-decade, according to experts. Currently, 1 in 6 own/use a smart assistant of some kind, and it seems like every industry from banking to healthcare, is experimenting with a voice interface. With the number of intelligent devices that can be controlled by voice utilizing smart assistants, the need for phone technology is diminishing. We utilize these in our homes, but even more, than there it is in our vehicles. Why? Laws are curtailing phone use in cars, along with imposing severe fines and penalties. The more integrated and prevalent these voice activate assistants become, the less need we will have to call anyone or to use functions currently fulfilled by our smartphones.

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